Giving Life To The Image Of The Beast Will Result In Mass Human Experimentation By Antichrist, Eradication Of Those Who Will Not “Worship It”

Robots with artificial intelligence will treat humans like guinea pigs, according to renowned British futurologist Dr Ian Pearson. He said that future robots will be insensitive towards humans and are likely to conduct experiments on them with newly created viruses. Even if it doesn’t wish us any harm, we might just be in the way when it wants to do something. It might want to do some experiments in advanced physics or something, and it just so happens that it kills all of the people. It might not think that it’s a very big penalty so it might proceed anyway, because compared to it we would be absolutely irrelevant, so it just might not consider our interest very important. I think it’s a very naïve view of artificial intelligence that it would necessarily stay our friend. We might design it with a purpose of doing good, but it might along the way develop its own motivation and so of course it might become quite anti human at some point, if it sees us as a threat. It might switch it off or do things that are not helpful to the planet it might consider that humans are a plague that the world would be better off without… (READ MORE)


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