A Brief Look at our May 2015 Issue


Cover by Sharon K. Gilbert – click to enlarge

By Sharon K. Gilbert, Editor 

Welcome to the all new format for SkyWatch Magazine. Many of you wrote to us and suggested a more ‘inclusive’ format, which could be accessed from all browsers, computers, and even mobile devices. We hope this new website fits the bill. This month, our company’s founder, Dr. Thomas R. Horn shares some of the insights he gained while researching the new book and investigative report video of the same name, in his article¬†On the Path of the Immortals-Part I.

Also in this issue, Dr. Michael K. Lake reveals the truth behind the Son of Perdition. Josh Peck, whom many of you have seen on recent interviews with SkyWatch TV host, Gary Stearman, examines the science behind the Singularity. And finally, Derek P. Gilbert, our SkyWatch co-host and news anchor, explains the Biblical revelations behind the ‘Cosmic Mountain’.

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