Author: Sharon Gilbert

Before the Singularity: Preparing for a Nearer Future – Part 4


By Josh Peck Throughout this series, we have been looking into possible emerging technologies and discoveries that are currently predicted to occur prior to the technological singularity of 2045. We looked into CERN and a graviton communication system that may…

Parenting in the Land of Moloch


By Doug Overmyer I sat there, on my couch, late at night, watching a giant cockroach gorge on some “red shirt,” splattering the camera with poorly-rendered CGI blood, while the heroes of this B-movie ran for cover down some cavern. …

Eikon: Engineering a New God, Part II


By Sharon K. Gilbert Silicon Valley is located in the San Francisco Bay area, specifically encompassing much of the land in the Santa Clara Valley. For those who keep track of conspiracies, Santa Clara is Spanish for St. Clair [the…