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Eikon: Engineering a New God, Part II


By Sharon K. Gilbert Silicon Valley is located in the San Francisco Bay area, specifically encompassing much of the land in the Santa Clara Valley. For those who keep track of conspiracies, Santa Clara is Spanish for St. Clair [the…

EIKON: Engineering a New God – Part I


 By Sharon K. Gilbert  Imagine it: The year is 2035.  Geopolitically, the western world is ostensibly ruled by an EU/NAU collective, a threadbare, weakening hegemony. YOUNOW (as the acronym is pronounced) consists of the EU (YOU) and the NAU, or…

Why the Ukraine Conflict Could Lead to World War III


By S. Douglas Woodward Introduction The United States and the Russian Federation are engaged in a war of words—a war that has elevated tensions between these political, military, and economic rivals to its highest level since the end of the…