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EIKON: Engineering a New God – Part I


 By Sharon K. Gilbert  Imagine it: The year is 2035.  Geopolitically, the western world is ostensibly ruled by an EU/NAU collective, a threadbare, weakening hegemony. YOUNOW (as the acronym is pronounced) consists of the EU (YOU) and the NAU, or…

Transcendence and the Long War of the Nachash


By Derek P Gilbert It’s the proverbial Oldest Lie in the Book: “Ye shall be as gods.”  The Enemy, in the spirit of not fixing what ain’t broke, has recycled this old lie into a new space age religion: Transhumanism.…



By Thomas R. Horn Read Part I Here As the director of the Future of Humanity Institute and a professor of philosophy at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom (www.NickBostrom.com) is a leading advocate of transhumanism who, as a young man, was…