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Six-Toed Giants, Fallen Angels, And The Portals They Came Through



After a week on the road, having covered hundreds of miles of reservations to walk amidst their multiple ruins including hogans, temples, and kivas, to follow guides and visit with a medicine man, not to mention tracking down and photographing petroglyphs, we were finally on our way to the last site we would visit—one that our Cherokee guide had told us not to miss. 

We’d already collected enough pictogram and logogram images from ancient rock engravings throughout the Four Corners area to make our case and to calculate for our purposes a recurring theme, which definitely seemed to match the Middle Eastern and biblical stories of portals, reptilians, fallen angels, giants, and the havoc these played on the old world. But this final petroglyph was important, our guide had said, and one we could drive right up to. So, we decided to make one final excursion, this time into Utah, fifty miles north of Moab, where one of the largest known collections of petroglyphs is located in San Juan County. The “storyboard” we would visit there etched in sandstone began as early as one thousand years before Christ, and it records practically every element contained in the upcoming SkyWatchTV Special Investigative Report and the new book On The Path Of The Immortals—from spiral vortices and those who come through them to human-animal chimeras and even giant, six-fingered and six-toed footprints in pursuit of much smaller five-fingered and five-toed humans. Even that reptilian with his halo is drawn here, just a couple feet away from alien-looking, bug-eyed creatures. This location is also (again, a great thing for any reader) easier to get to than most of the ones we trekked to, yet it’s as important if not more so than other petroglyphs you could spend days hiking over miles of rough terrain to reach. (But again, if you can, I recommend that you do visit the Four Corners, get a hiking permit or a guide, and see as much as you can of what I started calling the “Anasazi Trail,” as much of this area includes evidence of a former time, in my opinion, an era when civilizations worldwide were suddenly and dramatically interrupted by those beings depicted on the Anasazi’s Utah wall.)

The Newspaper Rock Petroglyph, as this one is known, is somewhat decipherable as to which images are older due to the fading and darkness of the earliest depictions (which are certainly the most mysterious, with their alien-looking heads, suits, and what might be some type of craft), and archaeologists believe the writing on this great wall continued from 1000 BC or earlier up until about AD 1300—the same time the Anasazi suddenly disappeared.

Allie Anderson gathers commentary on ancient petroglyphs for upcoming SkyWatch TV Special Report.

Allie Anderson gathers commentary on ancient petroglyphs for upcoming SkyWatch TV Special Report.

But the National Parks sign admits:

There are no known methods of dating rock art. In interpreting the figures on the rock, scholars are undecided as to their meaning or have yet to decipher them. Unfortunately, we do not know if the figures represent story-telling, doodling, hunting magic, clan symbols, ancient graffiti or something else.

I suggest “something else” is exactly what they tell us based on redundancy of the same story told all around the world. The Anasazi, who disappeared when the habit of writing on this tablet also suddenly ceased, used images and symbols similar to those found globally that connect to a first, and second, incursion of giants and the mountainous gateways their creators came through.

And it wasn’t just me who immediately saw this story on the wall as a biblical one told through ancient American eyes. I could see it on Carl Olafsen and Allie Anderson’s faces too—my chief investigators—after we finished filming, packed up our drone (which we had been using to gather aerial film), and started the long drive back to our hotel. As I drove, I glanced at Carl in the rearview mirror, and I could see that he especially was deep in thought. Soon, he got a notepad out and began writing something, which later he gave me at the hotel. It said:

Looking on that last petroglyph I could see a multitude of antique memos: the spiral that Dr. Mose had explained, the reptile with the halo at its head, footprints of animals, footprints of people…suddenly I stopped. There was a path of human footprints, each holding exactly five toes, alongside a path of giant human footprints…the larger sets carrying six toes! I was reminded of 1 Chronicles 20:6:

And there was again war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number, and he also was descended from the giants.

Why would Native Americans concoct the same anomalous physiology as the ancient Hebrews on the other side of the world? While polydactylism certainly does not indicate someone is a Nephilim, accounts of giants with an extra digit on both sides of the Atlantic suggests a genetic relationship. On other places within the ancient figures was a more mystifying anomaly: There were strange, reptilian, humanoid shapes with bulbous heads and large, almond-shaped eyes. The oldest and most desert-varnished of them was a humanoid shape with what appeared to be an antennae coming off the head or helmet. Other humanoid shapes had horn-like features coming off their distorted human heads. One—the oldest appearing outline—appeared to be holding a disc-like object or a weapon of some kind and stood near a shape that had a square object affixed to the top of a shoulder-high post.

What could these figures have been left to communicate to future travelers? What were the motives behind the painstaking, time-consuming efforts of these messages? And where did the Anasazi go? Archaeologists theorize that the Anasazi were just absorbed into the Navajo and Hopi Tribes. But we were told in the Hogan [by Dr. Mose] that the tribes looked for them and could not find them. They tracked them to the Chaco valley but they were gone. The tribes mourned them and cried. Chaco means “to cry.” The oral history knows they just disappeared.

The question is…where, and why?

Carl Olafsen with Allie Anderson and Tom Horn at the entrance to an Anasazi ruins.

Carl Olafsen with Allie Anderson and Tom Horn at the entrance to an Anasazi ruins.

Carl Olafsen’s quizzical response to all we had seen—this final petroglyph included—is the same head-scratching response that generations who have stood where we did during our investigation must have felt. Yet I, for one, believe the answer was right in front of their and my team’s eyes that day (they do, too, after contemplating the evidence).The ancient ruins of the Anasazi date to megalithic ruins elsewhere in the world, and all seem to have the same fingerprints (and six-toed footprints!) of the giants all over them. That being true, if you take only the images that the Anasazi left behind and compare them to similar (and in some cases, identical) universal symbols found elsewhere around the world where the stories and meanings of the images have been made clear, and keeping in mind that these legends materialized globally at approximately the same time, it is more likely than not in my opinion that the universal story agrees with the record of every major culture of the ancient world in which the astonishingly consistent legends of “gods” were recorded as descending from Heaven and/or coming through spiral vortices to materialize in bodies of flesh.

From Rome to Greece—and before that, to Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer—the earliest records of civilization tell of the era when powerful beings known to the Hebrews as Watchers and in the book of Genesis as the benei ha-elohim (sons of God) mingled themselves with humans, giving birth to part-celestial, part-terrestrial hybrids known as nephilim. The Bible says this happened when men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them. When the sons of God saw the women’s beauty, they took wives from among them to sire their unusual offspring.[i]

I believe a record of this first incursion of hybrid humans and six-toed giants is recorded in Genesis 6:4, which says:

There were giants in the earth in those days [the first incursion before the Flood]; and also after that [after the Flood, the second incursion], when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (emphasis added)

Note that when the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy, the first five books of the Bible) was written around BC 1300, this would have been the same time when archaeologists believe the Anasazi, across the world from those Bible lands, were drawing giant, six-toed footprints on a slab wall in Utah and facing “an alien enemy” as the name “Anasazi” implies. When the writings in the Torah are compared with other ancient texts, including Enoch, Jubilees, Baruch, Genesis Apocryphon, Philo, Josephus, Jasher, Jubilees, and many others (not counting the accounts of the American Indian tribes on this side of the world), it is clear that this is more than a legend—it is history, a chronicle told through different peoples’ methods and worldviews involving giants suddenly infesting the entire world, being wiped out in a flood, then somehow returning in a second incursion. This story was written down globally, from Hebrew scrolls to Indian petroglyphs, to provide the oldest recorded testament of part-human, part-angelic creatures, who were in turn the offspring of hideous reptilian entities (or what the apocryphal book of Enoch calls fallen Watchers). In the upcoming book On The Path Of The Immortals, you will read Cris Putnam’s extensive research into this area including analysis of documents found in Cave 4 among the Dead Sea Scrolls, which describe a Watcher named Melkiresha in the form of a terrifying reptilian whose looks “were frightening like those of a viper, and…he was extremely dark…and his face was like that of an adder.” Is Melkiresha or his fallen cohorts the same as those halo-bearing reptiles that led the Anasazi to destruction? There is reason to believe they were, and, after much comparison, I propose as reasonably justified the translation of the traditional Indian creation stories told to us by the Navajo Nation’s medicine man and that was repeated from our Cherokee guide and Apache representative, which the Anasazi’s petroglyphs confirm:

  1. In the beginning, the great creator made everything.
  2. Powerful reptilians then came down from Heaven through portals (the spiral, halo, and reptilian symbols) to deceive the world, and the world fell into darkness. This is also hinted in one of the meanings of the word Anasazi (“an alien enemy”).
  3. Portals (represented in ancient spiral symbolism beside giant, six-toed footprints and horned, humanoid figures) opened at this time and alien “gods,” monsters, and giants came through them. Some of these giants had six fingers and six toes (just as described in the Old Testament).
  4. The creator destroyed the monsters and giants in a great flood.
  5. Yet the giants and reptilian deceivers returned, though not in the same numbers as had been before the flood. They turned the people to sorcery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice (as did the plumed serpents of the Mesoamerican Maya and Aztec).
One of the many petroglyphs that depict the reptilian with a halo, an ancient alien enemy that misled the Anasazi through some type of mind control

One of the many petroglyphs that depict the reptilian with a halo, an ancient alien enemy that misled the Anasazi through some type of mind control.

The Anasazi depicted various six-toed giant footprints among regular five-toed hand- and footprints in the petroglyphs.

The Anasazi depicted various six-toed giant footprints among regular five-toed hand- and footprints in the petroglyphs.

Of course, one has to wonder what happened to the remains of the giants in America and whether the Smithsonian Institution actually participated in a cover-up (as some have alleged) in making a deliberate effort to hide the giants’ remains (which would inconvenience the theory of evolution, which they celebrate) as they were discovered in early American archaeological digs. Vine Deloria, a Native American author and professor of law, sounds suspicious that this conspiracy theory may be true. He says:

Modern day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor [giants].

The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited.

This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to anyone, but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.[ii]

Does the Smithsonian Institution have an Indiana Jones-like large warehouse somewhere with aisles of American giants’ remains locked away? It’s possible. I personally have dozens and dozens of old newspaper clippings published when skeletons of unusual size—ten feet tall and more—were being dug up across the United States. I have so many of these, it could be a book all by itself, and these articles lend support to the legends of when vicious giants were worldwide. While David was fighting them on one side of the world, the Anasazi may have been building cliff dwellings in America to avoid them, and their petroglyphs also harmonize with that story. But the Anasazi evidence is not alone. Locations around the world that seem to connect to what I have called the “second incursion” of giants that came after the great Flood are prevalent.

But what about evidence that points to the presence of portals-interloping reptilian entities and their giant offspring from the first incursion before the Flood? It exists and is global. Cris Putnam and I look into this evidence in the upcoming book On The Path Of The Immortals that even includes information connected to the portals/stargates “technology” records, raising the bigger question: Should the cliff dwellings of the Anazasi, the ruins of Göbekli Tepe, the gigantic stones of Baalbek and hundreds of other such locations around the world be understood as remnants of a first and second incursion of earth by portals-traversing reptilian immortals and their gigantic offspring? I believe the answer in many instances is yes. There is physical proof they were here, and by the time you reach the end of our upcoming book, you will most likely believe they are also set to return in force.

In the next entry, we move to the southwestern corner of Anasazi portal territory, to Sedona, Arizona, where Cris Putnam and his team ran into a few odd “things” they didn’t expect, even filming what might be one of them just before being buzzed by a gigantic v-shaped craft, which we also caught on exclusive footage.




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In On the Path of the Immortals, internationally acclaimed, investigative authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam continue the greatest investigation of our time by exposing the facts kept hidden from the public by elitists and intellectuals who are planning mankind’s assimilation under a coming “savior,” one whom the prophet Daniel foresaw as “an alien god.”

[i] Thomas Horn, Zenith 2016 (Defender Publishing, Crane, MO, 2013) 194

[ii] This Land: America 2,000 B. C. to 500 A. D. (Google eBook) Wayne N. May Hayriver Press, Jun 18, 2012, 220

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