Like Paul McGuire In The Upcoming INHUMAN Documentary Verifies—DARPA’s Cyborg Technology At The Center Of The US Military-Industrial Complex Is Already 10-20 Years Ahead Of What The Public Knows

By poring over declassified documents, and interviewing retired DARPA scientists, captains, colonels, a Nobel laureate and a four-star general, Jacobsen uncovers a story that’s not just about technology, but also DARPA’s work in the social sciences, psychological warfare and brain control. The agency that invented the internet has also been heavily involved in devising US counterinsurgency policy from Vietnam through to Iraq and Afghanistan, and is preparing for the wars of the future. ‘Many of these scientists and engineers who dedicate their lives to national security, the great majority of them, certainly the ones I interviewed, are inherently wise people, with grandchildren—and they also want the world to be well,’ Jacobsen tells Late Night Live. ‘They don’t want a dystopian future of cyborgs fighting cyborgs from underground bunkers. And so the openness that I have found is part of the territory.’ Science fiction writers might set that kind of cyborg warfare in a distant future. But as Jacobsen writes, at any given time, what DARPA scientists are working on—especially in the agency’s classified programs—is 10 to 20 years ahead of the technology that’s out in the public domain. For some of the scientists Jacobsen interviewed, concerns about cyborgs stem from DARPA’s research into putting computer chips inside people’s brains. (READ MORE)



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