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SABOTEURS PART 7: Welcome to the United States of Oceania, Where the “Ministry of Truth” is Busy Smashing Statues to Build a Better Tomorrow

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Lest you ever forget—War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

By Thomas Horn

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In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the fictional setting of Oceania has four “Ministries” under the figurehead of Big Brother—Love, Peace, Plenty, and Truth.

The Ministry of Peace actually perpetuates unending wars, the Ministry of Love oversees suffering and torture against those that do not adhere to the Party line, the Ministry of Plenty weaponizes starvation through socialism, and then there is the Ministry of Truth—the propaganda arm of the government media that employs “Doublethink” and “Newspeak” as the official dialectic of the state.

Newspeak is the term Orwell invented for controlled language: restricted grammar and limited vocabulary as “a linguistic design meant to limit the freedom of thought—personal identity, self-expression, free will—that ideologically threatens the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who thus criminalized such concepts as thoughtcrime” contradictions of the English Socialist Party orthodoxy (INGSOC).[i] [ii]

Today, in America, the nonfiction version of the Ministry of Truth has materialized and is fully operational through the Orwellian tools of modern Marxists, deep-state subversives and “state-owned” media bullhorns that are actively engaged in political vendettas to overturn the non-establishment’s president and the people’s 2016 election choices.

But don’t take my word for it.

Former official of the White House, National Security Council Rich Higgins, confirms: “The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the president.”[iii]

While these studious observations by Higgins are correct, it didn’t stop Gen. H.R. McMaster (who some fear may be an Obama shadow-government enforcer) from firing him for unveiling what is going on.

As an Army veteran and former Pentagon specialist in Irregular Warfare (IW) at the Department of Defense, Higgins knows what he is talking about when he warns (in a seven-page memorandum, the so-called “Memo that Rocked Washington” that wound up on Donald’s Trump’s desk) that both Democrats and fake Republicans are currently using Orwell’s imagined tactics in a real-life effort to bring down the 45th president: “This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle,” Higgins went on to say.[iv]

Among the IW instruments employed by Big Brother’s modern Ministry of Truth reflected in Higgins’ memo is the kind of brainwashing devices (Doublethink and Newspeak) that the book 1984 portrayed as also producing the type of cognitive dissonance among citizens that Obama’s community agitation wing Organizing for Action (OFA)—with its 250 offices nationwide and liberal billionaire George Soros’ new $80 million anti-Trump network (which I detail in the upcoming book Saboteurs and summarized in Part One of this series)—are producing in US neighborhoods today.

In Orwell’s masterpiece, the government’s Doublethink and the media’s Newspeak are especially deployed to create memes among the public so that peer pressure and people’s natural desire to “fit in” are used against them to generate group-think talking points, attitudes, and hive-mind conformities Big Brother requires. Along the way, if a free-thinking individual or company of citizens recognize or mention any weakness in the philosophy or contradictions in the Party’s line, this is “akin to blasphemy” and subjects those persons “to disciplinary action and to the instant social disapproval of fellow Party Members.”[v]

In other words, Orwell foresaw exactly the kind of political rhetoric we hear on the nightly news and the contagious attempt at castigating opinion and free speech being generated today across college campuses and major cities of the United States.

And the duplicity doesn’t stop there.

To achieve its ultimate goals, Oceania also acclimatizes the careful obfuscation of history in which details of the nation’s past and the rise of Big Brother’s totalitarianism is deliberately obscured through chronological revisionism—monuments of previous wars and administrations are smashed (such as today’s efforts across the US to destroy Confederate statues like those of Robert E. Lee whose family owned slaves), histories reimagined, and insults to the government’s status quo demonized to diminish any lasting resistance to authoritarian rule.

In political theory, this also relates to the term “Year Zero” reflected in such historical events as the 1975 takeover of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge and to the “Year One” of the French Revolutionary Calendar.

“During the French Revolution, after the abolition of the French monarchy (September 20, 1792), the National Convention instituted a new calendar and declared the beginning of the Year I. The Khmer Rouge takeover of Phnom Penh was rapidly followed by a series of drastic revolutionary de-industrialization policies resulting in a death toll that vastly exceeded that of the French Reign of Terror.”[vi]

The main idea behind Year Zero “is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will ideally be purged and replaced from the ground up.”[vii]


Remember when Democrat “bastions of liberty” bemoaned Isis turning the Syrian city of Aleppo into rubble by bulldozing the antiquities of the ancient city of Palmyra? How the left wing cursed the incivility and loss of historical artifacts! In fact, when a new simulacrum of the pagan Archway of Baal (that was destroyed at Palmyra) was recreated it was immediately sent globetrotting around the world to be erected at places wherever globalists and the world’s liberal elites gather. This “in your face” reconstruction has been widely celebrated and renamed the “Arch of Triumph” by so-called champions of freedom who conveniently fail to mention how children in olden times were carried through such archways and sacrificed to the Baals of the ancient world, something far worse than any confederate soldiers did. Yet now, the same liberals that cried to high heaven over the destruction of Baal’s bloodstained roadway have done an about-face and have pulled out their Oceania playbook. Suddenly, like Isis before them, they, too, want historical monuments that offend their sensitivities and contradict their political posturing crushed, including American Civil War markers and statues from public grounds that are connected to the slave-owning side of our past. It’s immaterial how contradictory such “doublethink” and “newspeak” is; the end game is all that matters. The maintenance of power and the uninterrupted establishment of cross-party monopolies require whatever deflection and tortured logic is needed to be manufactured until citizens accept as substantive those “viewpoints” that Big Brother wants maintained on the streets and in the echo chambers of fake news outlets, especially if such can be used to infer wrongdoing or failure to act on the part of the Trump administration.

Thus, a new French Revolution Year Zero mindset is on the march to erase America’s politically incorrect antiquity despite the fact it was the Revolutionary War and then the Civil War on this continent that ultimately led to the abolition of slavery here and eventually around the world.

Students of history have often looked with interest at the French Revolution and what dynamics caused it to result in the Year Zero horror of death and torture under Robespierre compared to the Revolutionary War in America that resulted in unprecedented freedoms and monetary success. While citizens in America were rejoicing in newfound liberty, in Paris, more than twenty thousand people were beheaded in the guillotines. The years following in France were marked by a reign of terror leading up to Orwellian totalitarianism and Napoleon (whose name actually means Apollo incarnate, the same spirit that will inhabit Antichrist, according to the book of Revelation). Why were the American and French Revolutions followed by such contrasting conclusions? The difference was that the American Revolution was fought on Christian principles of liberty, while the French Revolution—like many of the statue smashing leftists and neo-fascist agitators reflect currently—was anti-God. The forces behind the French Revolution were out to eliminate people of faith as the enemies of France and to shut the mouths of God-fearing dissenters. They even placed a nude statue of a woman on the altar in the church at Notre Dame and proclaimed the God of Christianity dead. Soon thereafter, the French government collapsed.

Fast forward to today, and anyone who thinks the eradication of the facts of our civil war will stop with a few colonialist monuments being pulled down is in for a history lesson of their own. As surely as Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith spent his time at the Ministry of Truth modifying the past by correcting “errors” in old newspapers that embarrassed the party, today’s revisionists will not be satisfied until their versions of Doublethink and Newspeak control everything the masses can know, think, and say, especially Bible-believing Christians.

In this regard, America and the world could be entering a prophetic, ruthless form of censorship that will undergird a time when all, both small and great, will bow before “a king of fierce countenance” (Daniel 8:23). With imperious decree, this Man of Sin will facilitate an Orwellian One-World Government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his Oceaniac empire will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed until at last he exalts himself “above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

In the next entry, we’ll begin pulling back the curtain on who those behind these present day Doublethink and Newspeak talking heads really are.






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