Speaking Of New Age Messiahs, What Impact Will Revelation Of Secret Government UFO Program Have?

Believers in aliens visiting Earth’s friendly skies via Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) couldn’t ask for more: A secretive government group backed by federal “black money,” a talkative former U.S. military intelligence official, fighter-jet video of odd objects doing out-of-this-world maneuvers and a space mogul purportedly housing leftovers of unidentified aerial craft. It all has the feel of sliding open a top drawer in a new “X-Files” TV episode. Another striking point in the recent disclosure, Rojas added, is that the incidents “are very similar to events that have been recorded by the U.S. Air Force and other governments for decades.” There is one head-scratcher: Why release this information now? Some see it as a trial balloon to take the pulse of citizens’ reactions. Is the public being set up for the really big news about alien visitors? (READ MORE)


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