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Christian Transhumanists On “How We Have To Help God Redeem Mankind Through Modifying Ourselves”

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Benek is a Presbyterian pastor in southern Florida and the founding chair of the Christian Transhumanist Association. He stressed in the interview that the healthiest way of interacting with this subject theologically is to take what we know about theology and begin to converse about what is helpful, recognizing that AI can be used for evil or good much in the same way nuclear physics can be utilized to either make murderous weaponry or to provide a clean energy source. “Christ started a redemptive process that we are called to participate in, to actually help in the redemption — Christ has already secured the victory — but as co-creators, like as with a parent and a child, to co-create alongside God. So there is no reason to think that God wouldn’t empower us to create AI and create very powerful AI to help in those redemptive purposes,” Benek said (IMPORTANT NOTE—SkyWatch TV will broadcast a month-long Special Investigative Report in March on major developments in human enhancement THE CHURCH MUST FORCE ITSELF TO UNDERSTAND). (READ MORE)

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