UFO ‘Evidence’ Gets Substantive With Air Traffic Controllers Massive Confusion At Strange Craft Over Oregon, F-15s Scrambling To Engage ‘Fast Moving, Physically Impossible Object’

The story was first picked up by “The War Zone” blog of the automotive website The Drive. It tracked down comments from the pilots that had seen something strange that day. It also obtained confirmation — of sorts — from the U.S. air base that launched the fighters. Now “War Zone” has obtained ─ through a freedom of information claim ─ a small mountain of documents and hours of audio recordings detailing Oregon’s air traffic controllers’ actions. Amid the accounts of phone calls, radio exchanges and pilot interviews is an enticing picture of what a substantive UFO report looks like, and how authorities struggle to make sense of what is going on above them. The unidentified flying object was first detected tearing through the air above Northern California by radar stations in Oakland. It was 4:30 p.m. It was unexpected. It was traveling “very fast at 37,000”. It wasn’t supposed to be there. At this point the recordings reveal the U.S. military was also aware of the strange aircraft. Air traffic controllers are told the Air Force was examining the radar track. Then the unknown flying object did something potentially dangerous. It took a sudden turn into a crowded stream of commercial airliners. There it disappeared from radar. But not from sight. (READ MORE)


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