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REASON NUMBER 5-MILLION TO ATTEND THE 2018 BRANSON TRUE LEGENDS CONFERENCE THIS SEPTEMBER—International Group “Anonymous” Uses SkyWatchTV Film “Inhuman” To Sound Warning Of “Neo-Deity” Transhumanist Movement

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Body-hacking. DIY gene editing. Anti-aging treatments formulated with the blood of the young. They’re all part of a new movement that wants to overcome death through cutting-edge science—and, at the same time, fulfill the promise of the serpent in Eden.

Over the weekend, the hacker group Anonymous released a 13-minute video Something Thought to be Impossible is Happening. The last four minutes, beginning at the 9:55 mark, is taken from the award-winning documentary produced by SkyWatchTV and Defender Films, Inhuman: The Next and Final Phase of Man is Here.

The clip features SkyWatchTV CEO Dr. Thomas Horn, transhumanist philosopher Dr. Natasha Vita-More, and bioethicist Wesley J. Smith, who summarizes the message of the Anonymous video: Transhumanism is “a neo-deity project, the idea that we can become gods.”

Watch the video at the Anonymous Official YouTube channel by clicking below.

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