By Dr. Thomas R. Horn, proud leader of The Milieu

Recently, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science featured a piece written by Professor S. Jonathon O’Donnell in the Department of Religion and Philosophies at the University of London titled, “Secularizing Demons: Fundamentalist Navigations in Religion and Secularity.”

O’Donnell’s aim? According to the article’s abstract, it was to explore at a deeper level than his peers the “anti-transhumanist apocalypticisms” of our day, the central voice behind which was identified as yours truly—“evangelical conspiracist Thomas Horn [and his] milieu [community gathering place]”[i] Throughout the academic paper, O’Donnell simply refers to me and my co-obstructionists as “Horn’s Milieu.”

In other words, the University of London professor has determined that I and those who work with me at SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing are the “leaders of the transhuman resistance” that the transhuman community had better pay attention to. The peer-reviewed Zygon agreed at least to the point they found reason to promulgate O’Donnell’s thesis.

A title such as this placed upon me and the associates within “my milieu” is, I assure you, not as offensive as it may seem. Quite the contrary, I am encouraged that my line of work in the media has captured the attention of spokespersons of the scientific world—such as those deemed worthy of being featured in Zygon. The very fact that personalities of such high regard and academic acumen are addressing what I’ve concluded throughout my calling proves that our work is worth addressing. If I was completely off the mark out in La-la Land, I may still gain attention for being an agitator, but to persons such as O’Donnell, I would simply be considered inconsequential and not worth the precious time it takes to write such a detailed response to my convictions. Likewise, I am deeply flattered to see how professionally and fairly my stance on the subject was handled, as I nearly expected this to be yet another “hit piece” upon myself and my associates. Most naysayers who have come against our work have formulated little more than a straw man’s argument. It’s clear by their retaliation that they haven’t truly read my work to begin with. They assume—errantly so—that we are just religious men and women who cry “sin” against anything laboratory-created, as it doesn’t innately have the hand of God upon it. Such may not have been the case for O’Donnell. Much to my surprise, O’Donnell did not appear to be driven by the sole desire to paint me as a half-witted lunatic like some others have done throughout recent history. For that, I openly offer my gratitude.

There were, however, a few intrinsic flaws in his conclusions about us and our “demonologies” of transhumanism and secularism that we’ll get into with this series.



And, I must admit, I am as happy as a schoolboy on the playground at recess to respond to this challenge, and we do so in a series of televised programs set to air starting this month as well as in the groundbreaking new work The Milieu. The word “milieu” as a noun infers a set of surroundings, a central meeting place, or a coming together. But O’Donnell, by attaching this simple word as the corporate identification over myself and those that work with me, has assisted in uniting us even further…and now we have a name.

So, we’ll get busy spelling out WHY this issue is of preeminent importance to you, the Church, and society at large, as we launch this new online series, release the trailblazing book, and broadcast television programs on the subject… STARTING NOW!

COMING UP NEXT—The Vatican Imagines a Milieu of Its Own; A PRO-TRANSHUMAN ONE

[i] S. Jonathon O’Donnell, “Secularizing Demons: Fundamentalist Navigations in Religion and Secularity,” abstract, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, issue titled Nuclear Waste, Conspiracies, and E-Meters: Remarkable Religion and Technology (Vol. 51, No. 3, September 2016), 640.

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