Giving Life To The Living Image Of The Beast And The First-Fruits Of His Dark Image-Bearers


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When reading the new book The Milieu, readers will be amazed to learn all that will be required to make human/robot babies in the very near future is the integration of human DNA and robot “DNA.” These robot chromosomes will be “a set of computerized DNA codes for creating artificial creatures that can have their own personality…based on established biological inheritance laws,”[i] Dr. David Levy observes. The genetic codes are broken into two categories: “personality” and “outward.” As the titles suggest, the “personality” or genotype coding will provide genetic information to guide specific internal makeup, while the “outward” or phenotype coding will determine the way the robot looks and acts, including hair color, eye color, personality and so on.

A first major milestone allowing robots and/or “computer” minds to write hitherto unknown genetic coding and to give birth to first-ever synthetic life forms was achieved in the landmark experiments of Craig Venter, “the pioneering US geneticist behind…the dawn of a new era in which new life is made” in 2016. [ii]

At the time, Julian Savulescu, professor of practical ethics at Oxford University, observed: “Venter is creaking open the most profound door in humanity’s history, potentially peeking into its destiny. He is not merely copying life artificially…or modifying it radically by genetic engineering. He is going towards the role of a god: creating artificial life that could never have existed naturally” (emphasis added).[iii]

In other words, exactly what happened in the “days of Noah” and what Jesus connected to the arrival of Antichrist—except current scientists now foresee a near-future reality in which the ancient attempt to “corrupt all flesh” will look like kindergarteners at play by comparison. They forecast a brave new world of automated “Robot Chemists” running “Synthesizer Farms” where modified lifeforms will be churched out 24-hours per day! [iv]

Will Transhuman Science Give Birth to Antichrist and His Image? Is It Happening Now?

A lot has developed since Craig Venter’s breakthrough mentioned above. Science has marched relentlessly forward from novel organisms un-designed by God to science that may now allow the arrival of soulless “children of the gods” guided by “synthetic spirits”…or possessed by something else…the first-fruits of Revelation 13:15 and those born thereafter, not in God’s image, but in his.

Events unfolding in recent years portend a near future in which this “man” of superior intelligence, wit, charm, and diplomacy will emerge on the world scene as a savior. He will seemingly possess a transcendent wisdom that enables him to solve problems and to offer solutions for many of today’s most perplexing issues. His popularity will be widespread, and his fans will include young and old, religious and non-religious, male and female. Talk-show hosts will interview his colleagues, news anchors will cover his movements, scholars will applaud his uncanny ability to resolve what has escaped the rest of us, and the poor will bow down at his table. He will, in all human respects, appeal to the best idea of society. But his profound comprehension and irresistible presence will be the result of an interface—both digital and metaphysical—to thousands of years of collective knowledge guided by his embodiment of a very old, super-intelligent spirit. As Jesus Christ was the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15), he will be the “seed of the serpent.” Moreover, though his arrival in the form of a “man” was foretold by numerous Scriptures, the broad masses will not immediately recognize him for what he actually is—paganism’s ultimate incarnation; the “beast” of Revelation 13:1. Though for a time he will appear to be a person of distinguished character, this great deceiver will ultimately become “a king of fierce countenance” (Daniel 8:23). With imperious decree, he will facilitate a one-world government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his new world order will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed until at last he exalts himself “above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

He will play this “God” and messianic angle very cleverly.

  • The similarities between him and the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, will be obvious for all to see.
  • As Jesus was the Son of God and operated in the power of His Father, so Antichrist will be “the son of Perdition” and manifest the power of Apollo.
  • As Jesus did many great miracles, Antichrist will perform lying signs and wonders.
  • As Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem, Antichrist will also focus the seat of his authority from the Holy City.
  • As Jesus was crucified and arose from the dead, Antichrist will be “killed” and come back to life.
  • As Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Antichrist is part of an unholy trinity made up of Satan, himself, and the False Prophet.

These comparisons go on and on, and if you look up similar lists online, you will discover long enumerations of amazing mirror-contrasts between the Son of God and Satan’s incoming seed. The devil’s jealousy of God is infamous, and his craving to usurp, plagiarize, and draw analogies between himself and the Almighty’s magnificence appear limitless.

Yet I believe the most startling of such dark semblances belong to a near transhuman-sciences future list most have never imagined (and that later this year I hope to begin compiling with help from The Milieu), examples of which will include:

A False Communion: As Jesus told His followers in John 6:53: “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you,” on which the symbolic ordinance of sacramental communion with God is based during Christian worship (at which time bread and wine are consecrated and shared, like was part of the Last Supper), I believe a scenario during the reign of Antichrist could provide for a demonic “communion” that results in mankind partaking of the flesh and blood of Satan’s son.

How so?

If you watch the film I Am Legend starring Will Smith, which opens appropriately enough with a scientist announcing the cure to cancer using a genetically engineered “chimeric” vaccine that blends animal and human genetics to produce a universal antidote to the malady (which most everybody in the movie receives), you will observe how this “remedy” actually results in a human form of rabies (due to crossing the species barrier) that wipes out most life on earth—a real possibility, given the scenario. A critical part of the film is the character played by Smith, who, for unknown reasons, is the only human alive immune from the global contagion, and a new vaccine is derived from his blood that provides a cure for the wicked disease.

Fast-forward to the time of Antichrist and imagine how a similar pandemic or worldwide plague could suddenly develop (or be engineered by agents of the Man of Sin as a bioweapon) that brings the world to its knees. Tens of millions of people are dying in the worst “black death” ever seen, when suddenly a single man—the Son of Perdition—comes forward to reveal his blood (like the Will Smith character in the Hollywood blockbuster) is impervious to the disease and holds the key to a cure. A vaccine is manufactured from his plasma and the world is faced with a decision—accept the vaccine, this “mark” derived from the blood of the beast—or die alongside every other person who rejects the offer, including family and friends. Partake in the black communion by accepting the genetics—the flesh and blood of the Son of Sin—or die, as described in the book of Revelation.

A False Virgin Birth: As discussed earlier, parthenogenotes (derived from a mouse egg cell in our example), are part of a system that allows certain animals to reproduce asexually (doesn’t require sperm to develop an embryo) and which scientists can now replicate for humans. Before the end of this chapter, we will discuss other ways in which biotechnology is currently available that also allows for “virgin” birth. Both myself and other members of The Milieu believe strongly such technology could play a role in the coming of Antichrist, and that this may be a repeat of what the Watchers did in antiquity when creating soulless organic constructs (the Nephilim) as “fit extensions” or receptacles into which they could extend themselves in order to accommodate their desire to leave their proper sphere of existence and to enter earth’s three-dimensional reality. According to the Old Testament and numerous apocryphal texts, these powerful fallen angels blended human and animal genetic material—as transhuman scientists are doing in tens of thousands of laboratories around the world today—to accomplish this goal. Because I have written extensively (Zenith 2016, Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters, etc.) and have appeared in hundreds of media outlets and conferences discussing this scenario before, I won’t take time here to retell the history and accomplishments of the Watchers/Nephilim.




But, you may be asking yourself, what is the connection between the bullet points above and what ancient Watchers did in creating soulless, synthetic, inhabitable lifeforms, with respect to the role modern transhuman science may now play in bringing “the image of the beast” and the Man of Sin to imminent incarnation?

Glad you asked!

It is one thing to understand how two robot parents could combine their genetic information and implant such electronic data into a new robot, thus creating a literal baby robot with two robotic parents (already happening with Google’s AutoML “mother” computer) so that “self-reproduction” of robots is no longer farfetched. It’s scary, for certain, but it’s not far-fetched. However, a much bigger question entails how a human/robot couple could produce human/robot offspring using robot-generated DNA sequencing implanted into a human mother or other human biological matter (such as the sperm-and-eggs-from-skin-cells reality shown prior). Though it sounds like the most complicated of all hurdles, it is the easiest of all to fly past, thanks to the new technology known as “tissue nanotransfection” (TNT for short, which is ironic to me; I think “TNT” and I see flashes from my youth when Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were blowing up entire cities in a never-ending feud).

The initial motive for perfecting TNT technology was never related to creating

human/robot offspring. One helpful article explains:

Researchers at Ohio State’s College of Engineering and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have developed a new technology, Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), that may be used to repair or restore injured or aging tissue, including blood vessels, nerve cells, and entire organs.

In a fraction of a second, the device injects genetic code into the skin, turning those cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions, generating any cell type of interest for treatment within the patient’s own body. The device could save the lives of car crash victims or injured soldiers, and restore brain function after strokes.[v]

What started as a “one-touch healing” nanochip technology for repairing injured or aged body tissues has now become the primary vehicle that makes the transference of robotic DNA information into human tissue a possibility. If the injection delivered by TNT were to hold both human and robotic genetically designed codes, the offspring resulting from a successful, full gestational term would be—quite literally—half human, and half robot DNA.

Dr. Chandan Sen, director of Ohio State’s Center for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Based Therapies and other biologists interviewed on the subject in 2017, admit:

Suddenly the very real possibility has appeared on the horizon of the robots of the future manipulating human skin cells to create human sperm and human eggs, and from them, using the Ohio discovery of TNT as the basis, creating an entire human-robot baby whose embryo can be nurtured and carried through pregnancy by a mother surrogate. By injecting genetic code into skin cells à la TNT, the Ohio researchers have paved the way for the genetic code of a robot, containing some of the characteristics of the robot, to be passed on to its offspring along with human genetic code. This is how I believe it will be possible, within the foreseeable future, for humans and robots to make babies together.[vi]

Whereas that doesn’t mean the resulting baby will be born with wires and steel joints, it does mean that a lonely man will be able to provide his own DNA to a laboratory, purchase a robot, pay an expert programmer to give her the looks and personality he wants, have her looks and personality translated into genetic coding for implantation into biological matter, and let the laboratory—or a surrogate mother—grow the couple’s baby. He can then take his child and AI partner home and become an adorable little family of one human, one robot, and one…what? A soulless “child of the gods” guided by synthetic spirit…or a living entity possessed by “a ghost in the machine”? Does Revelation chapter 13 and related texts describe the first fruits of all that will be born thereafter, not in God’s image, but in his?

Biblical language in this regards for both God and the Anti-God are the same. God made man in His image (Hebrew tselem) and breathed the breath of life into him. Man then became both God’s image-bearer and “a living soul.”

Antichrist will also have an image (Greek eikōn) into which “life” will be breathed.

While the Hebrew and Greek words translated “image” mean a “likeness,” a “statue,” “representation,” or “resemblance,” Antichrist’s image-bearer as biblically described is more than a sculptural simulacrum, just as mankind is for God. Revelation 13 confirms that life (pneuma [πνεῦμα], the ancient Greek word for “breath,” “spirit,” or “soul”) will enter the image-bearer of the Beast. However, this animating power source giving life to the Beast’s imager is foreign to the breath that God blew into Adam. This is “anti-breath” for the “anti-human” offspring of Antichrist, and hearkens back to science employed by Watchers when Nephilim became “fit extensions” for nonhuman, unclean spirits housed in unredeemable giant clans. Not only does this signify our nearness to the fulfillment of Matthew 24:37, but may fortify the “image of the beast” as the first of many clone things, perhaps the impure fountainhead of those hordes described as encircling earth in the latter days, born for Antichrist, who himself is most likely a genetically modified “man.”

Whatever the case soon turns out to be, you can bet The Milieu will continue our investigation and observation of related matters for as long as the Lord allows, all while “some rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.”


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