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While the U.S. Government and our Congress grapple over the government shutdown and whether to build a wall on our southern border, there are incredibly serious challenges growing on our near horizon, and none more serious than China’s saber-rattling. The Defense Intelligence Agency just released a report, “China Military Power,” which highlights how truly advanced and ready that giant communist regime has become and it is close to taking on the world, and that includes the United States military.

The DIA’s 2019 report, “China Military Power,” highlights the dividends due to Beijing’s massive investments over the past decades in high-end technologies like hypersonics, stealth fighters and aircraft carriers. Those technological advances are matched by growing confidence among Chinese service members that they are ready to match any competitor and of course that means the United States.

The first trial of those new systems and military personnel “confidence” may well become reclaiming the democratic nation of Taiwan, “the most concerning” near-term target according to the DIA report. A DIA official said “The biggest concern is that they are getting to a point where the PLA leadership may actually tell [President Xi Jinping] they are confident in their capabilities.” Reclaiming Taiwan is a long-standing goal for Chinese leadership, and Xi has made no secret of that desire.

“As a lot of these [modern] technologies mature, as their reorganization of their military comes into effect, as they become more proficient with these capabilities, the concern is we’ll reach a point where internally in their decision-making they will decide that using military force for regional conflict is something that is more imminent,” the official added.

The DIA official continued: “We now have to be able to look for a Chinese military that is active everywhere. I’m not saying they are a threat or about to take military action everywhere, but they are present in a lot of places, and we will have to interact with them, engage with them, deal with them, monitor them more broadly than we had to before when they were very regionally focused near their own shores.”

China’s vast modernization effort is indeed breathtaking: the recent launch of first independently developed aircraft carrier, development of the Hong-20 nuclear-capable bomber, growing military engagements across the world plus a physical posture on multiple continents is incredibly daunting as is Beijing’s “robust, lethal force with capabilities spanning the air, maritime, space and information domains will enable China to impose its will in the region,” says the DIA report.

I discuss these and other serious threats posed by the rapidly rising Chinese military in Alliance of Evil. Further, just this past month, I was in the Pacific learning more about that threat and our preparations.

Finally, I remind you that President Trump’s National Defense Strategy calls out the Chinese threat and warns we must accelerate our preparations to match that threat or less we become irrelevant.  This is indeed serious!

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