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Excerpted From Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here

In the 1968 horror film Rosemary’s Baby by director Roman Polanski, Mia Farrow plays Rosemary Woodhouse, a naive young housewife who agrees to become pregnant but through a series of spooky events comes to believe her husband has made a pact with eccentric neighbors Minnie and Roman Castevet (Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer) to use the unborn child in some sort of occult ritual.

On the night they have planned to try to conceive, Mrs. Castevet brings separate dishes of chocolate mousse to Rosemary and her husband Guy. Rosemary takes a few bites, but disliking the chalky under-taste, quietly throws it away. A few minutes later, she becomes dizzy and passes out. She then has what she thinks is a nightmare in which the Castevets and other neighbors are in her bedroom watching as she is raped by a demonic presence. The dream is so vivid she suddenly screams out, “This is no dream—this is really happening!” When she wakes, there are scratches all over her body, and her husband tells her that in order not to miss the opportunity for conception, he had engaged her body for sex while she slept.

(Note that Polanski had wanted his wife Sharon Tate to play the role of Rosemary, and Tate reportedly provided the idea for the key scene in which Rosemary is raped and impregnated. In tragic, real-life irony, on August 9, 1969, Tate was eight and a half months pregnant when she and her unborn child were brutally murdered by followers of Charles Manson—Susan Atkins and Tex Watson. When screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski, who was at Sharon Tate’s home the night of the murders [and also murdered] asked Tex who he was and what he was doing there, Watson replied, “I’m the devil, and I’m here to do the devil’s business.”)

Following the horrific “nightmare” scene experienced by the movie character Rosemary, she learns she is pregnant and that the baby is due June 28, 1966 (666). The Castevets recommend an obstetrician named Dr. Abraham Sapirstein (Ralph Bellamy) who prescribes a daily “vitamin drink” for her, which he assures is good for her and the unborn child. Minnie Castevet gives her an odd-smelling “good luck charm” to wear, which also smells of the main ingredient in the vitamin drink—tannis root (a phonetic play on the term Satanas; Satan).

When before long Rosemary’s dear friend Hutch (Maurice Evans) notices her appearance becoming gaunt and hears her complaining of severe abdominal pains, loss of weight, and unusual cravings for raw meat and chicken liver (an ancient witches fertility prescription), he decides to research the “tannis root” concoction. Mysteriously, before he can share what he finds, he falls into a coma and dies, but not before waking up long enough to ask a friend to deliver a book on witchcraft—in which he has marked photographs and passages—to Rosemary, along with a cryptic message: “the name is an anagram.” From this, she deciphers that her neighbor Roman Castevet’s name is the anagram and that he is actually Steven Marcato, son of Adrian Marcato, a former resident and devoted Satanist.

Her suspicions grow as she becomes convinced that her husband and neighbors really are practicing witchcraft, and that somehow this involves her unborn child. Dr. Sapirstein and Rosemary’s husband Guy learn of her mistrusts, and tell her that neither she nor the baby will be harmed so long as she cooperates. Right after, she goes into labor and is sedated, and when she awakens, her baby is gone. She is told the infant died, but she hears a baby crying in another room at the apartment. Finding a secret door connecting her residence to the neighbors, she discovers a congregation gathered around her infant son. The baby boy’s eyes are frighteningly deformed, and she is told that her husband is not the father, that the child is the spawn of Satan.

Although Rosemary’s Baby is based on a novel, ritualized sexual magic is real and the plan to use it to incarnate the devil’s seed has had a long and curious history among Satanists, secret societies, freemasons, and even, according to some Catholic priests, the Vatican.

Highly guarded instruction manuals used by secretive Satanist organizations such as The Order of Nine Angels, the Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey, and even further back by members of Ordo Templi Orientis including works by infamous 33rd-degree freemason, Aleister Crowley, have described how it is through sex that a being is brought into the world and housed in a body of flesh. Thus it is a mystical exercise that, when combined with magick rituals such as chanting of specific syllables to project proper vibrations (which open the inner mind and mesmerize the conscious mind), invite the nebulous spirit to fill the embryonic host. As the participating priestess lies upon the ground or upon the altar and is aroused by activity of the priest, copulation proceeds while the priestess visualizes the opening of a celestial gateway and Dark Chaos flowing out of it downward upon her, providing the mystical seed. Like the ancient Pythian of Apollo, the priestess is also at this moment a portal to the abode of dark gods.

Rocket scientist and cofounder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jack Parsons, and his pal L. Ron Hubbard (Church of Scientology founder) were disciples of Aleister Crowley and recorded one such event called the “Babalon Working,” which they performed in hopes of incarnating the whore of Babylon—a demon child or gibborim—through a portal during ritual sex. Parsons later wrote that the ceremony was successful and that “Babalon is incarnate upon the earth today awaiting the proper hour of her manifestation.”[1]

According to Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4 (widely considered the magnum opus of occultist Aleister Crowley), ritual magic sex can include (what sounds like) cannibalism and human sacrifice. Crowley says, “It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of devouring the heart and liver of an adversary while yet warm. For the highest spiritual working one must choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force; a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory.”[2]

As far back as 200 AD, the Christian apologetic work Octavius by Marcus Minucius Felix described apostate Christians participating in orgiastic rituals in a dark room while worshiping the head of a donkey and sacrificing a baby for the Host during Black Mass. Most experts believe similar activity has secretly continued throughout the ages, and that true “Hosts”—that is, the bread and grape wine used after consecration, which is, according to dogma, changed into the literal substance of the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ via transubstantiation—are given by Catholic priests, who have made diabolical pacts with Satanists, to the attendants of the Black Sabbath. Among highly placed Church experts who assert such activity is real and even occurs inside the leonine walls of the Holy See would be: Monsignor Luigi Marinelli (whose 1999 book Gone with the Wind in the Vatican sold one hundred thousand copies in just the first three weeks); exorcist and Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who in a speech at the Our Lady of Fatima 2000 International Conference on World Peace, charged high-ranking members of the Church hierarchy of being in league with “Satan”; and the late exorcist and maverick professor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, eminent Catholic theologian and former Jesuit, Malachi Martin. When the Manhatten magazine “The Fatima Crusader” asked Martin about the public alarm raised over Archbishop Milingo’s claim that high-ranking Vatican officials were “followers of Satan,” Martin replied, “Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the prince of darkness has had and continues to have his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome.”[3] While a few have tried to discredit Martin by claiming that he was everything from a double agent for Jewish lobbying groups during Vatican II (to effect the final draft of Nostra Aetate, which would, among other things, absolve the Jews of the death of Jesus) to maligning him as an outright “pathological liar” (which the dead cannot defend themselves against), Malachi was in fact a close personal friend of Pope Paul VI and worked within the Holy See doing research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, publishing articles in journals on Semitic paleography, and teaching Aramaic, Hebrew, and Sacred Scripture.

In 1965, Paul VI granted Martin a dispensation from his Jesuit and priestly duties, and Martin moved to New York, where he dedicated himself to writing about—and sometimes speaking out on—a variety of issues stemming from the Second Vatican Council, to detailed insider accounts of papal history, Catholic dogma, and geopolitics. As a member of the Vatican Advisory Council and a formidable polyglot who could speak seventeen languages (not to mention being personal secretary to renowned Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea), Martin had privileged information pertaining to secretive church and world issues, including the Third Secret of Fatima, which Martin hinted spelled out parts of the plan to formerly install the dreaded False Prophet during a “Final Conclave.”

On this, Martin’s claim that an Illuminati-Masonic group made up of Western plutocrats called “The Assembly” or the “Superforce” had infiltrated the highest levels of Vatican administration and were working to bring about a New World Order, may have led to involvement by operatives of the same group concerning his untimely (some say “suspicious”) death in 1999.

This raises questions as well about John Paul I, who was elected pope in 1978 but who died only thirty-three days later (33 is an occult masonic marker). Shortly after becoming pope, John Paul I learned of cardinals, bishops, and high-ranking prelates that were Freemasons. He may have been murdered to keep him from exposing these men’s plans and/or to deter an investigation he had launched into the Vatican bank connected with Roberto Calvi, a Grand Orient Freemason and the Chairman of the Ambrosiano Bank, which the Vatican Bank was primary shareholder of. When in 1978 it was discovered that monies had been illegally laundered for the Mafia through that bank, Calvi fled Italy and three days later, the Bank’s shares crashed. One day after that, Calvi’s secretary conveniently committed suicide, and on June 18, Calvi himself was found hanging beneath the Blackfriar (connected to Freemasons) Bridge in London with a Masonic Cabletow around his neck and chunks of masonry (left as a symbol?) in his pockets. John Daniel says of this in Scarlet and the Beast: “At Masonic ritual murders, Masonic symbols are left at the scene for several reasons: (1) to show Masons that this was a Masonic murder; (2) to warn Masons to follow the Masonic code, or suffer like fate; and (3) to prove to Masonic paymasters that the “hit” was accomplished.”[4]

But was John Paul I, like Calvi may have been (and like Malachi Martin infers in Windswept House), murdered by a Masonic “Superforce” too large and too powerful for him to contain; one that Martin would later claim was behind the scenes, secretly working to use the Vatican to bring about a global Antichrist system? “Suddenly it became unarguable that now… the Roman Catholic organization carried a permanent presence of clerics who worshipped Satan and liked it,” wrote Martin. “The facts that brought the Pope to a new level of suffering were mainly two: The systematic organizational links—the network, in other words that had been established between certain clerical homosexual groups and Satanist covens. And the inordinate power and influence of that network.”[5]

Ten years before something “pulled his feet” out from under him while he was preparing for an exorcism and Malachi Martin fell and later died (at the time he was working on what he promised would be his most explosive book yet under the telling title: Primacy: How the Institutional Roman Catholic Church became a Creature of The New World Order), he had become increasingly outspoken about pedophilic Satanism at the heart of the Vatican throughout the College of Cardinals and all the way down to local parishes, which he said were in league with a secret Masonic diabolicus that began following the “enthronement of the fallen Archangel Lucifer” in the Roman Catholic Citadel on June 29, 1963. This horrid rituale, as Martin had called it, had two primary objectives: 1) to enthrone Lucifer as the Prince over Rome; and 2) to assure the sorcerous inception and embodiment in flesh of that immaterial spirit that would fill Petrus Romanus.

In The Keys of This Blood: The Struggle of World Dominion, Martin had written:

Most frighteningly for John Paul, he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the “superforce.” Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963. Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to “the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary”…an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican.[6]

Martin concealed even greater detail of this luciferic “enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican” in his book, Windswept House:

The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer was effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel on June 29, 1963; a fitting date for the historic promise about to be fulfilled. As the principal agents of this Ceremonial well knew, Satanist tradition had long predicted that the Time of the Prince would be ushered in at the moment when a Pope would take the name of the Apostle Paul [Pope Paul VI]. That requirement—the signal that the Availing Time had begun—had been accomplished just eight days before with the election of the latest Peter-in-the-Line.[7]

The specific date given by Martin—June 29, 1963—and the combination of the specific names Peter (whom the Pope is successor of in Catholicism) and Paul, is important. June 29 is the Feast or Solemnity of both apostles, Peter and Paul. This is a liturgical feast in honor of the martyrdom of both Saints and a holy day of obligation in the universal Church in which the faithful are “obliged” to participate in Mass. Among other things, this means on this specific date a perfectly timed sacrilegious parody of the Catholic Mass was completed during the Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer (which occultists know would hold high satanic energy) as well as simultaneously an offense made against the martyrdom of Peter and Paul during the Church’s Feast in their names.

Martin stated publicly on more than one occasion that this enthronement of Lucifer in Rome was based on fact, and that to facilitate the black magic, a parallel ceremony was conducted simultaneously in the United States in Charleston, South Carolina. The reason this location was selected has remained obscure to many, but given what Malachi said about the Masonic connection, it makes sense that South Carolina was chosen: It is the site of the first Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the United States, called “the Mother Lodge of the World,” where in 1859, champion of luciferian dogma for the Masonic-Illuminatus, Albert Pike became Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, where he served the Order of the Quest until his death in Washington DC on April 2, 1892. Pike was known as a Satanist in his adopted state of Arkansas and loved to sit naked in the woods astride a phallic throne while participating for days in drunkenness and debauchery. Today, his body is proudly entombed at the House of the Temple, headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Washington DC.

According to the logic of former Sirhan Sirhan attorney, Day Williams, this makes Charleston, at the thirty-third parallel, even more perfect for the sacrifice and parallel ceremony described by Martin because, “If a life is taken close to the…33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.”[8] Martin added additional reasons for the South Carolina location:

Such unobtrusive elements as the Pentagram and the black candles and the appropriate draperies could be part of the Ceremonial in Rome. But other Ruberics—the Bowl of Bones and the Ritual Din, for example, the sacrificial animals and the victim—would be too much. There would have to be a Parallel Enthronement. A Concelebration could be accomplished with the same effect by the Brethren in an Authorized Targeting Chapel. Provided all the participants in both locations “targeted” every element of the Event on the Roman Chapel, then the Event in its fullness would be accomplished specifically in the target area. It would all be a matter of unanimity of hearts, identity of intention and perfect synchronization of words and actions between the Targeting Chapel and the Target Chapel. The living wills and the thinking minds of the Participants concentrated on the specific Aim of the Prince would transcend all distance.[9]

Martin’s chilling description in Windswept House of the methodical profanation of everything virtuous and innocent during the “Parallel Enthronement” between the Targeting Chapel and the Target Chapel included indescribably foul Invocations, sadistic animal sacrifices, and repeated violations of a young “Ritual Victim” on an altar. For the uninitiated, the very idea this happened strains credulity. Yet when John F. McManus, for The New American, June 9, 1997, asked Father Martin if the Black Mass in South Carolina had actually occurred, it led to an enlightening Q and A:

McManus: Your book begins with a vivid description of a sacrilegious “Black Mass” held in 1963 in Charleston, South Carolina. Did this really happen?

Martin: Yes it did. And the participation by telephone of some high officials of the church in the Vatican is also a fact. The young female who was forced to be a part of this satanic ritual is very much alive and, happily, has been able to marry and lead a normal life. She supplied details about the event.…

McManus: In addition…you depict numerous other cardinals and bishops in a very bad light. Are these characterizations based on fact?

Martin: Yes, among the cardinals and the hierarchy there are satanists, homosexuals, anti-papists, and cooperators in the drive for world rule.[10]

Even more explosive, near the end of Windswept House there is an often overlooked section providing explicit details of the enthronement ceremony and its true purpose to create a satanic pope. Martin provides details of the “Roman Phalanx,” another name for the Vatican satanic cult, as well as describing their ultimate goal:

As a body, they had sworn “the Sacred Oath of Commitment” administered by the Delegate. Then each man had approached the Altar to give “Evidence” of his personal dedication. With blood drawn by the prick of a golden pin, each had pressed his fingerprint beside his name on the Bill of Authorization. Henceforth, the life and work of every member of the Phalanx in the Roman Citadel was to be focused on the transformation of the papacy itself. No longer was the Petrine Office to be an instrument of the “Nameless Weakling” [Jesus]. It was to be fashioned into a willing instrument of the Prince, and a living model for “the New Age of Man.”[11]

Thus it appears frighteningly evident that, like in the movie Rosemary’s Baby and in the visions and fears of so many Catholic seers, a ceremony for invoking the incarnation of Satan’s seed—or installing it ritualistically inside a young person or chosen priest—was indeed performed, and a blood oath of dedication enacted for its goals by highly placed Satanists inside the Roman Catholic Citadel a little less than fifty years ago.

Whether Martin was killed and his death covered up for revealing this satanic scheme to use the Catholic Church as a launching pad for a luciferic novus ordo seclorum may never be known. One year before he died, however, Martin’s very good friend, Father Alfred Kunz, was brutally murdered at his St. Michael Catholic Church in Dane, Wisconsin. Kunz had been investigating the same Satanism among “priests” that Martin had warned about, and had told Martin in the weeks before his murder that he feared for his life.

When Kunz was found dead with his throat slit, Martin claimed in various media that he had “inside information” that the Vatican “luciferians” had murdered him because he was getting ready to blow the lid off their conspiracy. The satanic animal sacrifice described by Martin in Windswept House as part of the “enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer in the Vatican” seems eerily comparable to what was indeed discovered in Dane County during the first hours of the murder investigation, including a calf which had been found sacrificed on a farm near St. Michael’s Church exactly twenty-four hours before Kunz was last seen alive. According to police reports, the calf’s throat was slit, as was Father Kunz, and its genitals cut off. There are details we will not discuss in this book due to their horrific nature, but deep within occultism there are reasons for removing the genitals of a sacrifice having to do with blasphemy of the Old Testament description of animals being accounted unworthy as offerings to the Lord if their testicles are bruised, crushed, torn, or cut (Lev. 22:24). According to survivors of ritual Satanic abuse (including Egyptian-Masonic Satanism), human sacrificial victims are sometimes laid on a table and their genitals likewise removed in order to make them “unworthy” or unfit for salvation (though versions of such abuse in South Africa are called “muti” murders, and some people pay large sums of money for genitalia from these human sacrifices in the belief it will bring them fertility, health, and good fortune). Then there is the ancient occult idea that decapitated persons cannot partake in the resurrection, thus dark rituals can include mutilation of the head, throat, and genitals where damnation of the victim is meant as a magical curse. In the case of the Dane County murder, was a black ritual performed between the hours of 10 p.m. March 2 and 4 a.m. March 3, 1998, to “target” Father Kunz and to “mark” him unfit for redemption?

During our investigative research for this book, we made formal requests of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office for pertinent case files (DCSO Case # 98011295) pertaining to the ongoing investigation of the Father Kunz homicide. After first being told the files we requested would be given us, on December 15, 2011 we received a letter from the office of Lieutenant Mark Twombly signed by Sheriff Mahoney that the District Attorney would need to approve the release of the files (in other words it would take a court order) and therefore the request had been denied. Since this is an active, ongoing case, the sensitive records are not to be made public at this time and this is understandable. In filing a second request for less delicate documents, we were able to obtain a packet of files, but none of these provided solid clues to the larger question of conspiracy related to the murder of Father Kunz—specifically, was evidence discovered at the crime scene that his murder was somehow connected to his conservative position on Vatican II, and, more importantly, that he had information on certain pedophile priests and Satanists (that had earned him fierce enemies within the Church) reaching all the way to the Catholic hierarchy in Rome involved in ceremonies or behavior related to the enthronement of Lucifer and a ritual conducted for the purpose of transmigrating a particular spirit into Petrus Romanus?



“In the absence of an arrest, the Kunz case has developed into a sinister religious Rorschach for many—certainly among those close to the case who consider themselves traditionalists within the troubled Roman Catholic Church,”[12] wrote Chuck Nowlen in the 2001 cover story for Las Vegas Weekly, The Devil and Father Kunz. At that time, Nowlen had interviewed Peter Kelly, a Monroe, Wis., attorney and master’s divinity student who had produced Kunz’s weekly radio show. Given that Kelly was a good friend of Kunz and had spent substantial time with him in private conversations, his response to Nowlen’s questions reveal a lot about what Kelly personally believed lay at the root of the murder: “This is a time of major crisis within the church, and the breakdown tends to be along traditional and conservative versus liberal lines. I think it’s getting almost to the point of complete collapse. And, yeah, I know: Some people delve into a so-called satanic influence in the church, and everybody sort of rolls their eyes and laughs. But, I tell you, the nexus is really there[13].”

Still, Nowlen wondered, could someone within the Church really have killed Kunz—or ordered him killed?

“Absolutely,” the lawyer confirmed, “as unbelievable as that might sound to some people.”[14]


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