Also At This Year’s HIGHER ENTITIES Burning Man Festival: Mocking God And The Holocaust With Crucified Dolls And Barbies Marching Into “Auschwitz” Ovens

Monday was the last day of the ten-day Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada Desert. What began over 30 years ago as a small campfire gathering of California artists evolved into a massive annual festival bringing almost 70,000 people to the middle of the desert in Nevada. Billed as a cultural gathering, the festival attracts artists and celebrities, culminating in the eponymous ceremony in which a large wooden effigy of a man is burned. This ceremony referred to by Druids as the ‘wicker man’ is almost universal amongst pagan cults and evolved as a replacement for human sacrifice. Touted as a secular event, many of Burning Man’s major elements are rooted in idolatry. Regular Burning Man installments include a Temple to the Hindu goddess Shiva, a 70-foot long seven-headed red metal “Satan” dragon on wheels, camps including one titled “The 7 Sins Lounge” and others dedicated specifically to promiscuous and public sexuality including an “Orgy Dome.”  This aspect of the festival was emphasized when the Australian celebrity disc jockey Flume performed a sex act on stage in front of the entire crowd. The aforementioned display, a diorama made of hundreds of naked Barbie dolls marching into two kitchen ovens with some crucified on pink crosses, was presented by the “Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro”… (READ MORE)


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