Jonathan Cahn Stuns Audiences With “Jubilean Mysteries” From “The Oracle”

New York Times’ bestselling author Jonathan Cahn appeared on SkyWatch TV Sunday to discuss his much-anticipated book, The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled.

“The Oracle is the biggest, most all-encompassing mystery I’ve ever committed to writing—in many ways it is the mystery of the ages. It contains everything and everyone, from Moses to Mark Twain, from the prophet Jeremiah to President Donald Trump. It’s the mystery that lies behind the past, the present and what is yet to come. It contains what I believe is the master blueprint that explains the end times and what is taking place before our eyes in America and throughout the world. It even contains the mystery and blueprint for each of our lives,” says Cahn.

“My last book, The Paradigm, came out two years ago,” says Cahn. “The reason that it’s been two years until The Oracle is that it involved so much revelation—literally 3,000 pages of notes. For two years, I’ve been blown away by the awesomeness of God in this mystery, His hand behind everything—world events, world leaders, the rise of America, the news cycles of our times, the actions of President Trump—everything taking place in the exact way and at the exact times as according to prophecies and mysteries in the Word of God.”

One of those mysteries centers on the mystery of the Jubilee. The Jubilee was the year when those who had lost their land returned home. End-time prophecy is built on the return of the Jewish people to their ancient home, Israel. The amazing thing is that Israel’s return and the most prophetic events of modern times have all taken place according to the mystery of the Jubilee. Its timing has determined everything, and thus even world wars and the rise and fall of nations—even the rise of America to world power.



Another mystery revealed in The Oracle is the Parasha mystery. This opens the ancient words appointed from ages past to be recited and chanted by the Jewish people throughout the world. The words are proclaimed every week on the Sabbath day. “What blew me away when I looked at world events is that at key prophetic times—when the appointed word is recited from the scrolls—events take place in the world that match up or are spoken of in the appointed word,” says Cahn.

Cahn opens up other mysteries in The Oracle, including the following:

—”The Stranger”: the man prophesied to come to the land of Israel as a sign preceding the return of the Jewish people.

—”The Jubilean Code”: a mystery encoded in a 3,000-year ordinance that contained the exact year that the most important prophetic event in 2,000 years would take place—in the 20th century!

—The ancient mysteries that lie behind Donald Trump—his rise to the presidency, his actions, his decisions, his life itself—even the Scripture that was appointed and recited throughout the world on the day of his birth, and that reveals the mystery of his life.

—”The Dark Jubilee” explains exactly what is taking place in America and world culture.

—The mysteries of what the future holds—several of The Oracle’s mysteries open up mysteries concerning what is yet to come and the end times.

And much more …

“With seven doors of revelation,” Cahn says, “each one opening up several streams of mysteries, there was so much to reveal that the biggest challenge was how to fit this into one book.”

The Oracle has garnered extraordinary praise. Television host Jim Bakker said, “After the Bible, The Oracle is the best book I have ever read in my life.” Sid Roth of It’s Supernatural! declared that as he read the book, the tangible presence of God came into the room. Dr. Thomas Horn told Cahn privately he believed this is his greatest revelation yet, a timely word from God urgently needed by today’s Church.


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