SHADOWLAND ADMITS IT—Would Rather WORMWOOD Hit Earth, Kill Everybody On The Planet If They Cannot Rule

By Dr. Thomas Horn

Between award-winning journalist Stephen E. Strang and myself, two new books have just been released covering the importance of the 2020 elections and the role Christians should play in this very important cycle. Steve’s exciting new work is “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election,” and mine is called “Shadowland.” Both cover spiritual dynamics surrounding the deeply partisan times we find ourselves in and how heading into 2020, the stakes for the future of this country and the world have never been higher.

Now, in a new poll out of New Hampshire, a majority of Democrats say they’d rather “a giant meteor strike the earth, extinguishing all human life” than for President Donald Trump to win re-election.[i]

Democrats should be careful what supernaturalism they invoke.

As detailed in my other new book “The Wormwood Prophecy”, in June 2004, astronomers at the Kitt Peak National Observatory detected a sizable asteroid heading in the direction of earth capable of fulfilling the prayers, hopes and dreams of Dems. Subsequent efforts made later in 2004 by a team at the Siding Spring Survey in Australia identified the asteroid as Apophis (named after the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction, a malevolent force that cannot be stopped according to legend). [ii] Immediately, possibility of collision of the celestial body with our planet became a focus of calculation and preparation on behalf of preventative efforts by experts across the world.

After modifying their original assessment, NASA now says the enormous asteroid will pass disturbingly close to Earth on April 13, 2029 (approximately 9 years from now) but near-miss impact, according to a statement released by their Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Yet, NASA admits Apophis’ proximity in 2029 will be so close to Earth that it will “put some of our orbiting satellites in peril”[iii] and even be visible in the daytime sky.[iv]

That’s interesting. According to what I’ve been told by astronomers working inside the US Space Agency, it is impossible to assert with any certainty that a rock as big as Apophis could come so close as to take out our satellites yet not hit the planet. There are simply too many variables given the tens of thousands of miles Apophis must swim through space before arrival—from contact with other space debris to the gravitational pull of larger planets—to determine with certitude it will not strike this planet in 2029.

In other words, you can’t have it both ways. And in my book I make the powerful case with other top experts that it is just as likely NASA is involved in a cover up. One that will become apparent over the next few years.

Hopefully Apophis will pass just shy of earth in those few years from now[v] because the alternative truly represents a biblical-proportion risk to life on earth, something a majority of New Hampshire Democrats say they prefer over President Donald Trump winning re-election.[vi] Measuring 370 meters across[vii] and weighing an estimated 20 million metric tons,[viii] Apophis is traveling at 28,000 miles an hour,[ix] a mind-bending mass and potential inertia velocity encounter most people cannot begin to fathom. And while some experts have publicly stated that they do not, as of this time, expect the celestial mountain to make direct impact with our planet, Apophis’ current categorization as a NEO, or “near–Earth object”[x] has caused the same experts to remain watchful of the body’s orbit, as that could change. Indeed, behind the scenes hypothetical plans to deflect the danger are under discussion because scientists see this upcoming “celestial event” as not only a rare opportunity for study and observation of a heavenly monster but also the possibility that they—as well as the rest of the world—may be spectators to a catastrophic collision with this planet in 2029. This is because, along with the admitted closeness of Apophis’ upcoming orbit comes the risk that an unforeseen event such as portrayed in the opening narrative of my book could somehow, even spontaneously, modify the course of the massive, 20-million-ton asteroid,[xi] devastatingly hurling it straight toward this world.[xii] So the eyes of all humanity will most definitely be on this “sign…in the stars” (Lk 21:25-26) very soon.

Science writer Greg Bear of CNN not only agrees, but elaborates on the consequences of Apophis colliding with our planet in less than a decade from now, admitting, “If it hit Earth, the impact would unleash a blast the equivalent of over a billion tons of TNT [easily causing] billions of deaths and months, if not years of climate disruption.”[xiii] Considering the implications of an asteroid this size, anticipated to orbit so closely to our planet, and bearing in mind the potentially devastating fallout of collision, more experts have joined the efforts to evaluate what occurrence might cause the massive body to deviate from its course in the direction of earth. They consider how Apophis still has nearly a decade to travel between other asteroids, planets, stars, and additional elements in outer space that could come into contact with it, potentially altering its path like a deflected billiards ball, interfering with the trajectory that experts now charter for the massive interstellar “game over” eight-ball. Perhaps this is the cause for the extreme dual polarity we see between media and scientists, with news stories on one side attempting to satiate public fear, while on the other hand preparedness/intervention meetings are quietly taking place among members of NASA, expert astronomers, scientists, and even the most influential global political leaders.

And then there are those theologians and prophecy students like myself who see possibilities of another factor in all of this: the coming inescapable fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Note the particular descriptions of the first four Trumpets of Revelation 8:6-12 and their aftermath. If you were to ask a scientist to explain what these verses seem to be depicting, they would tell you these details very much match the sequence of either a binary asteroid (two asteroids orbiting a common barycenter—the center of mass around which two or more bodies orbit) accompanied with smaller fragments, or the breakup of a larger asteroid into two main portions accompanied with tons of smaller debris as it enters earth’s atmosphere followed by impacts.

Note what these verses say in their exact original order as outlined in a recent podcast I did with Steve Strang:

“…if an astronomer were to read about the four trumpets in Revelation 8, he would see sign after sign of an asteroid strike.

“The first trumpet sounds, and what happens? Fire falls, and particles fall down from heaven, burning,” he says. “And they catch the grasses and the fields on fire. That’s exactly what would happen ahead of a very large asteroid or body where you have the debris that’s being pushed out in front of it, breaking up as it enters the atmosphere.”

Secondly, Revelation describes a stone like a mountain that is burning as it falls down to the earth. It strikes the ocean, destroying the ships in the sea. Horn says this could be a binary asteroid, in which one part hits the earth and one part hits the sea. Or it could be one asteroid that breaks apart as it enters the atmosphere.

In the third trumpet of Revelation, Wormwood pollutes and corrupts the waters. And then in the fourth trumpet, darkness envelops the sky and blackens everything.

“That’s exactly what would happen, with these large bodies hitting the earth, boiling the waters of the sea, causing them to rise up into the atmosphere, creating hurricane and tornado activity, impacting the earth,” he says. “The second part of it, knocking all this dust and debris up into the heavens—it would literally, for a period of two or three days, just as described in Scripture, blacken out the sun and the moon.”

Our hypothetical astronomer, on reading these successive verses ending with verse 12 would explain how, as a result of the terrifying one-two punch of asteroid components plunging into the ocean and upon land, a sequence of tsunamis measuring hundreds of feet in the air would slam coastal terrains around the world, infusing the atmosphere with scorched aerosol particles leading to extreme heat in the earth’s atmosphere and a subsequent cascade of high-velocity hurricanes worldwide. Combined with voluminous debris hurled into the sky from the initial impact and volcanic eruption reactions, for about a week, darkness would cover the sky, blacking out much of the light from heavenly bodies. In fact, that is exactly what Los Alamos National Laboratory Archaeologist Bruce Masse says would unfold and in the same order as described in Revelation chapter 8[xiv]… and, according to their own words, this is what Democrats want to happen to you, me, our children, and everybody else on this planet unless they can win the 2020 presidential election and rule over the citizens.[xv]



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