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SHADOWLAND—PART 10: Ritual Sacrifice, Symbols, and Occult Architecture

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IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting with natural events most people can comprehend but ultimately leading to the supra-natural, this online investigative series highlights just a hint of the groundwork covered in Dr. Thomas Horn’s upcoming expose, Shadowland (FROM DEFENDER PUBLISHING IN MARCH).

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In the upcoming Shadowland we examine one of the more widely publicized recent cases connecting cult rituals and sex abuse of minors (that included ties to Hillary Clinton associates, Senator Chuck Schumer, actress Allison Mack and other notables) that was adjudicated early in 2019 during closing arguments in the NXIVM trial involving self-help guru Keith Raniere. Mr. Raniere was not only found guilty of all charges involving sex trafficking of young illegal immigrant girls from Mexico, but something else most of the public are unaware of — human experiments and Satanism-inspired rituals took place at the cult, according to the mountains of evidence exposed by this historic trial:

The NXIVM sex cult’s leader Keith Raniere…aimed for his branding of female sex slaves to be “like a sacrifice,” referring to the practice of human sacrifice, which is practiced in Satanic rituals.

“Do you think the person who’s being branded should be held to the table, almost like a sacrifice?” Raniere said to his onetime co-conspirator Allison Mack in a 2017 conversation that was captured on audiotape. “That’s a feeling of submission…It probably should be a more vulnerable position. Laying on the back, legs spread straight, held to the table. Hands above the head, probably held, almost like sacrificial.”[i]

One has to wonder if this revealing conversation was later followed by the “disappearance” of any of those young Mexican girls that reporter Lydia Cacho Ribeiro had been investigating. We do know that as a result of what is called “the law of diminishing returns,” sex offenders often feel the need to raise their debauchery to increasingly higher levels in order to continue reaching satisfaction. Did Raniere or his associates advance from his “fantasies” about sex and human sacrifice to actually fulfilling his or their dark longings?

Either way and with all respect to NXIVM victims, what happened with Raniere and company is likely very small potatoes compared to the satanic pedophilism that assuredly played out on Epstein’s 72-acre “Orgy Island” and at his private estate (“72” is a mystical number connected to the fallen Watchers angels).

And, as all Freemasons know, often tell-tale signs of such occult devotion and participation are “openly hidden” in the architecture and symbols that mark surrounding properties for the “members” of these type secretive groups.

Occultists around the world understand the power of symbols and designs, and realize they are not only for conveying psychological concepts, but actually meant to coerce mysterious and potent supernaturalism that has been invited to take up residence there. This belief is deeply preserved in all of the Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman symbolism that is a part of occult and Masonic history, and according to famous Freemason Foster Bailey, these symbols intentionally hide “a secret…which veils mysterious forces. These energies when released can have a potent effect.”[ii] Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle once famously added: “By symbols, accordingly, is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched.” Masons in particular, as a result, are under oath never to reveal the true meaning of their symbols, and when somehow they are compelled to offer explanation, they falsify the statement, even to lower-degree Masons, as explained by Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike in the Masonic handbook Morals and Dogma:

Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermetic, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it.[iii]

I raise this issue about Masonic imagery in particular at this point because a careful review of Epstein’s Orgy Island and his other private properties provide scenery rich with symbols analogous with Masonic, arcane, and modern magic (including the powerful trident—considered of the utmost importance for sorcery and indispensable to the efficacy of infernal rites) as well as other motifs connected with Masonry and Muslim decorum suggestive of sex slavery.

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For example, how many are aware that located on Epstein’s Little Saint James “Lolita” island (also known by locals as “Pedophile Island” and “Orgy Island”) where an endless supply of minors were transported by a team of child abductors and forced to partake in debauched ceremonies involving Epstein and his wealthy, world-spanning pedophile friends, is a temple of very telling design, with a fake painted door and an medieval-era lock on a front door designed to keep people barricaded inside so that they could not escape,[iv] behind which is a Serpent column connected in history to the Greek sacrificial tripod from ancient Delphi and Apollo (Apollyon—the angel-god of destruction and spirit Scripture says will inhabit Antichrist). This causes one to question whether the worst extremities of orgiastic rituals carried out at the temple against children may have been underground the occult structure (and could this explain why on November 7th, 2018, Epstein had “a $100,000 self-loading cement mixer delivered to his island using an Express Bill Of Lading–an unusual and expensive shipping method that does not require the cargo to be ‘released’?  This shipping method requires the customer to pay for the goods up front, making them responsible if damage occurs during shipment. In short, Epstein needed this machine fast”[v] and leads to questions of what he was perhaps trying to cover up or seal beneath ground as investigators closed in.)



As our friend at Vigilant Citizen notes regarding this structure, everything on the Island “appears to be custom-built to cater to the occult elite’s extreme brand of depravity,” and this includes the mysterious “temple”, which, when one “understands the mindset of the occult elite” makes perfect sense. “It is all about symbolism and ritual.”[vi]

There are obvious reasons to conclude Epstein’s rape-sanctuary was actually fashioned after Hammam Yalbugha—a Mamluk-era building located in Syria.

Epstein’s Temple complete with what some believe are ‘Molech owls’ (Canaanite god of child sacrifice) and pagan gods to whom child sacrifices were made bares uncanny resemblance to Hammam Yalbugha


Hammam architecture from Mamluk (meaning “property,” as in sex slaves) era.


Why did Epstein model his “temple” on this specific building? Because of the symbolism attached to it. Indeed, the hammam is a classic example of architecture from the Mamluk era. In Arabic, the word “mamluk” literally means “property” and is used to designate slaves.

During the Mamluk era, children were captured by the ruling class to become slaves. Boys were usually trained to become soldiers while girls were groomed to become the personal concubines of their masters. Considering the fact that Epstein island was used to import child sex slaves for the elite, the symbolism is perfectly fitting.[vii]

But as is typical of Masonic practice, Epstein’s island complex also mixed occult symbolism with the Islamic architecture including standing and balance stones (connected in antiquity with secret knowledge as well as megalithic tombs such as Gilgal Rephaim), golden statues of gods (counting the Greek god Poseidon or Roman Neptune) and cockatiels or Bohemian-grove owl-like birds with other mythical figures, which orthodox Muslims would have considered idolatry (and note that these are the Greek and/or Roman gods who preside over realms of the Underworld, Earth, and Heaven for ancient Greeks who were known to permit sex with children especially among the rich and powerful, kings, and magistrates, which Epstein must have equated himself with. Also note how the lined pattern on Epstein’s temple is strikingly similar to the design on the Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s headdress.).

Elsewhere on Epstein’s Island an unidentified goddess greets people at two locations (at least) who appears to perhaps be the Hindu goddess Kali—goddess of sexuality and violence (among other things), Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, or possibly a variant of Shiva, god of destruction (displayed at CERN and thoroughly examined in the book Abaddon Ascending). Another strong contender for the enigmatic female figure is Inanna, goddess of sex rites and torture porn (as we would call it today) who wore a headdress similar to Epstein’s entity, or Hecate, goddess of witchcraft. Hecate (in particular) is an interesting choice because I note the figure on Orgy Island guards the head and tail or “gateways” of prominent walkways. In this role, Hecate, the Titan earth-mother of the wizards and witches who helped Demeter after Hades abducted and raped her daughter Persephone, illustrates perhaps better than any other goddess the connection between earth entities, gateways, and the realm of evil supernaturalism. As the daughter of Perses and Asteria, Hecate (Hekate) was the only of the Titans to remain free under Zeus. She was the mother of the wizard, Circe, and of the witch, Medea, and was considered to be the underworld sorceress of all that is demonic. This was because Hecate characterized the unknown night-terrors that roamed the abandoned and desolate highways. She was often depicted as a young maiden with three faces, each pointing in a different direction, a role in which she was the earth-spirit that haunted wherever three paths joined. As the “goddess of three forms” she was Luna (the moon) in heaven, Diana (Artemis) on earth, and Hecate in the underworld. At times of evil magic, she appeared with hideous serpents—spreading demons, encouraging criminal activity, and revealing enigmatic secrets to the crones. At other times she roamed the night with the souls of the dead, visible only to dogs, who howled as she approached. When the moon was covered in darkness, and the hell-hounds accompanied her to the path-beaten crossways, Hecate came suddenly upon the food offerings and dead bodies of murders and suicides that had been left for her by fear-stricken common-folk. Her hounds bayed, the ghost-torches lit the night, and river nymphs shrieked as she carried away the mangled souls of suicides into the underworld caverns of Thanatos (Death), where the shrills of such damned-ones were known to occupy her presence.

As the dark goddess of witchcraft, Hecate, like Isis, was worshiped with impure rites and magical incantations. Her name was probably derived from the ancient Egyptian word Heka (“sorcery” or “magical”), which may explain her association with the Egyptian frog goddess of the same name. This may also explain the affiliation of frogs with witchcraft, and the various potions of frog-wart and “hecateis” (Hecate’s hallucinogenic plant, also called Aconite), which supposedly sprouted from the spittle of Cerberus (Hade’s three-headed guard dog) which fell to the ground when Hercules forced him up to the surface of the earth.

Because her devotees practiced such magic wherever three paths joined, Hecate became known to the Romans as Trivia (tri “three,” and via “roads”). Offerings were also made to her wherever evil or murderous activity occurred, as such areas were believed to be magnets of malevolent spirits, something like “haunted houses,” and if one wanted to get along with the resident apparitions they needed to make oblations to the ruler of their darkness—Hecate. The acceptance of the oblations was announced by Hecate’s familiar (the night owl), and the spooky sound of the creature was perceived as a good omen by those who gathered on the eve of the full moon. Statues of the goddess bearing the triple-face of a dog, a snake, and a horse, overshadowed the dark rituals when they were performed at the crossing of three roads. At midnight, Hecate’s devotees would leave the food offerings at the intersection for the goddess (‘Hecate’s Supper’), and, once deposited, quickly exit without turning around or looking back. Sometimes the offerings consisted of honey cakes and chicken hearts, while at other times, puppies, honey, and female black lambs were slaughtered for the goddess and her strigae—vicious owl-like affiliates of Hecate who flew through the night feeding on the bodies of unattended babies. During the day the strigae appeared as simple old women, folklore that may account for the history of flying witches. The same strigae hid amidst the leaves of the trees during the annual festival of Hecate (held on August 13), when Hecate’s followers offered up the highest praise of the goddess.

Hecate’s devotees celebrated such festivals near Lake Averna in Campania where the sacred willow groves of the goddess stood, and they communed with the nature spirits and summoned the souls of the dead from the mouths of nearby caves. It was here that Hecate was known as Hecate-Chthonia (“Hecate of the earth”), a depiction in which she most clearly embodied the earth-mother-spirit which conversed through the cave-stones and sacred willow trees. Elsewhere Hecate was known as Hecate-Propolos, “the one who leads,” as in the underworld guide of Persephone and of those who inhabit graveyards, and as Hecate-Phosphoros, “the light bearer,” her most sacred title and one which recalls another powerful underworld spirit, Satan, whose original name was Lucifer (“the light bearer”). But it was her role as Hecate-Propylaia, “the one before the gate” where it appears we see her on Epstein Island. In this manifestation, Hecate was believed to not only control entrances at homes and temples to nefarious evils, but spirit-traversing gateways that could be opened by her into the human mind through the use of psychoactive drugs, a practice employed throughout Greek paganism as well as by shamans of other cultures but condemned in the scriptures (Gal. 5:20; Rev. 9:21; 18:23) as pharmakeia—the administering of drugs for sorcery or magical arts in connection with demonic contact.

Another large figurine on Epstein’s Island reminds me of the ancient Green Man (a pre-Christian entity and spirit of nature embodied as a man) if the hair of the individual is of vegetative growth. The word “Hoy” on the image’s forehead could be a clear reference to Charles “Hoy” Fort, the famous nineteenth-century writer whose psychic research and schemes about contacting immaterial spirits (ghosts, demons) included “Book of the Damned” that featured the existence of “mythological” creatures connected to the disappearances of people.

Demonic gargoyles holding shields with six pointed stars likewise are found in numerous locations on Epstein Island. Gargoyles are often representations of ‘evil forces’ that inflame forbidden desires like sin and temptation and the six-pointed star is used in occult ceremonial magic as a talisman for conjuring demons. In Acts chapter 7:37-43 and in Amos 5:26-27 God condemned Israel’s worship of Molek and his six-pointed “star” to whom children were sacrificed.

Yet these artifacts pale in comparison to what else we’ve uncovered in Shadowland.

UP NEXT: Orgy Island’s High Degree Occultism For Dominance Over Anyone




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