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SHADOWLAND—PART 12: Jeffrey Epstein and ‘Brothers of the Shadow’ (OR: Earth Temples, Magic Circles, Sorcerers, And The Fine Art Of Demon Conjuring)

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IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting with natural events most people can comprehend but ultimately leading to the supra-natural, this online investigative series highlights just a hint of the groundwork covered in Dr. Thomas Horn’s upcoming expose, Shadowland (FROM DEFENDER PUBLISHING IN MARCH).

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Having a long history predating the time of Christ by thousands of years, ritual locations like Epstein’s Orgy Island typically employed three main components—a temple (often domed like the one on Epstein’s island as documented in Shadowland), a second area where ceremonials— frequently elaborate—were performed, and a third geometric pattern area (circle, square or rectangle) where the main sacrificial altar was located.

The figure of a square within a circle in particular is one of the most sacred in occult magic, grimoires, and talismanic arts, as it signifies completeness or perfection in the manifestation of the universe.[i] When the Chinese similarly depict a square inside a circle, it represents the union between heaven and earth or an “Earth temple.” As part of a “magic circle,” it is considered a purified or safe space in which rituals and ceremonies are conducted. It can serve as a boundary that protects sorcerers from dangerous demons and spirits, or conversely as a doorway where the conjurer reaches into and makes contact with supernatural entities. The four pathways approaching the circle around the square represent the four quarters and elements where the guardians or “Lords of the Watchtowers” (as Freemasons call them) are invoked. Each cardinal point of the magic circle is related to a guardian spirit, and when Freemasons employ the square within a circle, the proper name of Jehovah as well as Adonai is invoked for controlling unseen intelligence.

“In the tradition of the 1880s Order of the Golden Dawn a watchtower or guardian in ceremonial and derived neopagan magical tradition is a tutelary spirit of one of the four cardinal points or ‘quarters’ (north, east, south, and west). They are also variously associated in many traditions with each of the four classical elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and stars (Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, Regulus, and Antares). Thus (the four pathways at Epstein’s Orgy Island where) Watchtowers are invoked during the ritual of casting a magic circle.”[ii]

In The Secret Destiny of America, Manly P. Hall noted as well that the seventy-two stones of the pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States correspond to the seventy-two arrangements of the Tetragrammaton, or the four-lettered name of God in Hebrew. “These four letters can be combined in seventy-two combinations, resulting in what is called the Shemhamforesh, which represents, in turn, the laws, powers, and energies of Nature.”[iii] The idea that the mystical name of God could be invoked to bind or loose those supernatural agents (powers and energies of nature, as Hall called them) is meaningful creed within many occult tenets, including Kabbalah and Freemasonry. This is why the seventy-two stars are pentagram-shaped around the deified Freemason, George Washington in the U.S. Capitol dome. Adept Rosicrucians and Freemasons have long used the “Key of Solomon” and the “Lesser Key of Solomon” grimoires (books of spells) to do just that. Peter Goodgame makes an important observation about this in “The Giza Discovery”:

One of the co-founders of the occult society known as the Golden Dawn[iv] was a Rosicrucian Freemason named S. L. MacGregor Mathers, who was the first to print and publish the Key of Solomon (in 1889) making it readily available to the public. Mathers describes it as a primary occult text: “The fountainhead and storehouse of Qabalistic Magic, and the origin of much of the Ceremonial Magic of mediaeval times, the ‘Key’ has been ever valued by occult writers as a work of the highest authority.” Of the 519 esoteric titles included in the catalogue of the Golden Dawn library, the Key was listed as number one. As far as contents are concerned, the Key included instructions on how to prepare for the summoning of spirits including…demons.… One of the most well-known members of the Golden Dawn was the magician [and 33rd-degree freemason] Aleister Crowley. In 1904 Crowley published the first part of the five-part Lesser Key of Solomon known as the Ars Goetia,[v] which is Latin for “art of sorcery.” The Goetia is a grimoire for summoning seventy-two different demons that were allegedly summoned, restrained, and put to work by King Solomon [according to Masonic mysticism] during the construction of the Temple of YHWH.[vi]

Such books routinely contain invocations and curses for summoning, binding, and loosing demons in order to force them to do the conjurers will at places where four paths lead to a circle surrounding a square and often within a “boundary” or “berm” where concentrated power can be used to generate doorways into the invisible world.

Also noteworthy is how the berm area on Epstein’s orgy island was, until recently, laid out with the same geometric pattern that not only Freemasons and occultists employed for reasons already stated, but similar to constructs where Peruvian, Mayan, and Aztecs conducted human sacrifices at four points of entry leading to a circular or square center (or sometime both—a circle in a square and visa-versa) frequently surrounded by walls.

Rectangular ritual site with walls in Peru held remains of 140 children that had been sacrificed in a ‘Heart Removal’ ritual similar to Aztec.


The temple of Kukulkan (the Feathered Serpent closely related to Quetzalcoatl of Aztec mythology to whom human sacrifices were made) at the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza depicts four walkways to a center square area.

I believe these ancient ritual-sacrifice sites like the Peruvian, Mayan, and Aztec and the symbolism Epstein had crafted, which appears mingled with Masonic designs, is not by chance.

How so?

The story begins long before the Spaniards arrived in Mesoamerica as was chronicled in their hieroglyphic characters (and repeated in oral history) of the sacred, indigenous Maya narrative called the Popol Vuh. Sometime between 1701 and 1703, a Dominican priest named Father Francisco Ximénez transcribed and translated the Mayan work into Spanish. Later his text was taken from Guatemala to Europe by Abbott Brasseur de Bourbough where it was translated into French. Today the Popol Vuh rests in Chicago’s Newberry Library, but what makes the script interesting is its creation narrative, history, and cosmology, especially as it relates to the worship of the great “feathered serpent” creator deity known as Q’uq’umatz; a god considered by scholars to be roughly equivalent to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and the Yucatec Mayan Kukulkan. According to Freemasons like Manly P. Hall, no other ancient work sets forth so completely the initiatory rituals of the great school of philosophic mystery, which was so central to America’s founding and the design of Washington DC, than the Popol Vuh. What’s more, Hall says, it is in this region where we find the true origin of America’s name and destiny.

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hall writes:

This volume [Popol Vuh] alone is sufficient to establish incontestably the philosophical excellence of the red race…

These Children of the Sun adore the Plumèd Serpent, who is the messenger of the Sun. He was the God Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Gucumatz in Quiché; and in Peru he was called Amaru. From the latter name comes our word America. Amaruca is, literally translated, ‘Land of the Plumèd Serpent.’ The priests of this [flying dragon], from their chief centre in the Cordilleras, once ruled both Americas. All the Red men who have remained true to the ancient religion are still under their sway…

The second book of the Popol Vuh is largely devoted to the initiatory rituals of the Quiché nation. These ceremonials are of first importance to students of Masonic symbolism and mystical philosophy, since they establish beyond doubt the existence of ancient and divinely instituted Mystery schools on the American Continent. (Emphasis added)[vii]

Thus, from Hall we learn that Freemasons like him believe “ancient and divinely instituted” mystery religion, rituals and symbolism important to students of Masonry came to America from knowledge that the Red Man received from The Dragon himself. And early American freemasons employed these bewitched designs—as did the Vatican—in fertility objects connected with cult magic of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Mayans and other ancient cultures—namely enchanted geometric patterns employing squares and circles with typically four distinct pathways leading to a middle. In occult numerology, the number 4 is the integer that connects the immaterial world—whether supernatural entities or the mystical concept of man’s mind(1), body(2), and spirit(3) with the physical world(4). This is perceived by occultist as the pathway that joins the initiate to the otherworldly.



These magical components in mind, note how the Washington Monument has four distinct walkways leading to a circular area in the midst of which sits the square base of the Masonic designed representation of the male organ of Osiris (or Baal’s shaft) to whom rituals were (and are) performed. According to Manly P. Hall, such wisdom-reflecting architecture echoes the teachings of the human-sacrificing ancient Maya. This pattern is also reproduced in all the major components of the Zorro Ranch and Orgy Island berm areas on Epstein’s properties—four paths leading to a square encased in a circle. This same design is likewise prominently featured in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican where the square base of an ancient obelisk of Osiris sits inside a circle to which four walkways lead (and one should note that the Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City was cut from a single block of red granite during the Fifth dynasty of Egypt to stand as Osiris’ erect phallus at the Temple of the Sun in ancient Heliopolis (Ἡλιούπολις, meaning city of the sun or principal seat of Atum-Ra sun-worship), the city of “On” in the Bible, dedicated to Ra, Osiris, and Isis. The Obelisk was moved from Heliopolis to the Julian Forum of Alexandria by Emperor Augustus and later from thence in approximately 37 AD by Caligula to Rome to stand at the spine of the Circus. There, under Nero, its excited presence maintained a counter-vigil over countless human sacrifices, including the martyrdom of the apostle Peter according to some historians. We look at the connection to sun-worship of solar deities connected to human sacrifice and Freemasonry and Epstein’s island in the book Shadowland.

Washington Monument has four distinct walkways leading to a circular area in the midst of which sits the square base of the obelisk.


Square base of the obelisk of Osiris in St. Peter’s Square sits inside a circle to which four walkways lead.

Understanding how identical patterns displayed in Washington DC and at the Vatican connect with corresponding “living” symbols conveyed to Freemasons by ancient Mesoamericans, another characteristic of the mixed modern Masonic symbols and ancient cultic patterns at Epstein’s estates suggests darker possibilities than most of us would care to consider—that the rites of human sacrifice as inspired by those “wisdom” artifacts from the ancient red man, which Manly P. Hall celebrated, were performed.

“It is, therefore, a significant fact,” famous Freemason John Sebastian Marlow Ward once wrote of the Mesoamerican human sacrifices, “that every year a man was chosen forty days before the date of the festival to represent this god [Quetzalcoatl] and was clothed in his regalia, which included a sceptre shaped like a sickle. He was first bathed in a lake and then robed in the royal and divine robes. At the end of his forty days he was slain by having his heart torn from his body, which latter the worshippers subsequently ate.”[viii]

Why would ancient and modern worshippers of dark gods mix sex rituals with sacrifice and cannibalization of quite often very young victims? According to another famous Freemason and deeply satanic figure, Aleister Crowley, it is because, “For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A… child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”[ix]

As further elaborated by freemason S.R. Parchment:

The Brothers of the Shadow who are in the flesh are usually very fearful of death and are, therefore, ever in quest of methods for prolonging their physical existence. The biblical statement that man may ‘Eat of the Tree of Life and live forever’ is not to them a mere statement, and for the purpose of prolonging their lives, they have ferreted out and perpetuated among their clan many nefarious schemes too henious to mention. When  these methods fail, as a last resort they sacrifice human beings and feast upon the flesh and blood of their victims.[x]

Did ‘Brothers of the Shadow’ exert influence at Epstein’s gatherings? The ancient brotherhood referenced here were “living men possessed by the earth-bound elementaries,” according to Russian occultist, philosopher, and co-founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. These necromancers were élite sorcerers, “devil dancers, and fetish worshippers, whose dreadful and mysterious rites are utterly unknown to the greater part of the population.” In general, these mysterious occultists were considered most powerful, cruel, and vindictive vampire-like enchanters whose capacity to bridge the gap between the material and supernatural worlds was acclaimed by fallen men of the secret societies who likewise sought contact with the four elementals of Blavatsky’s Theosophy, which they thought could extend their lifetime.[xi]

Knowing what we do now about Epstein’s vampiric interest in transhumanism[xii] and his blood-lust for immortality, it’s perhaps not a stretch to consider whether he participated in such arcane rites inspired by Brothers of the Shadow including human sacrifice in trade for length of life from these masters of delusion.

For anyone who may think I am stretching the possibilities here, when I asked Dr. Judd H. Burton, (an expert on early Christianity and the Greco-Roman World with a Ph.D. in history) what he made of the circular, square, rectangular, and other mysterious objects and facilities on Epstein’s island and at his mansion, he responded:

My initial assessment is that, knowing Epstein, these must have some ceremonial purpose. The square and rectangle have historically been symbols of materiality and the mundane world in the occult. Conversely, circles have represented spiritual and celestial planes. With the placement of a cross in the design, it occurs to me that this may be a location where adepts/participants could perform rites that opened a portal (or whatever appellation you choose), activated likely by the spoiling of innocence and/or bloodshed, in the attempt to communicate with/draw power from the realm of demons/Fallen angels.[xiii]

Dr. Judd’s assessment is based on a long history of occult stone circles or monuments of standing stones arranged in a circle. The size and number of the stones may vary, and the shape can be an ellipse or half circle. Some are more complex, with double- and triple-ring designs, often classed separately as concentric stone circles. Stone circles were constructed across the British Isles from 3300 to 900 BC, with more than a thousand surviving examples, including Avebury, the Ring of Brodgar, and Stonehenge. The oldest in that part of the world is probably the Standing Stones of Stenness, a megalithic stone circle on the mainland of Scotland. It was associated with pagan ceremonies possibly including human sacrifice and believed to have magical power.[xiv] Based on radiocarbon dating, it is thought the site was in use as early as 3386 BC.[xv]

Before the Israelites possessed the Holy Land, similar stone circles were erected, including one found underwater at Atlit Yam and another, Gilgal Refaim, found nearby in the Golan Heights. The former is a submerged ancient city where archaeologists discovered a semicircle monument dated to 6000 BC, containing seven 1,320-pound megalithic stones.[xvi] It has the earmarks of an antediluvian civilization associated with the Nephilim.

UP NEXT: Sundials, Labyrinths, and Freemasons, Oh My!





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