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WHAT… AND WHO… Is Really Behind Antifa Groups Hijacking Protests Of George Floyd’s Death And Turning Them Into Riots? (AS FIRST DETAILED IN THE BESTSELLING BOOKS “SHADOWLAND” AND “SABOTEURS”)

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Fox News this week agreed with Donald Trump in stating Antifa has hijacked protests of George Floyd’s death and turned them into riots by “advocating for and conducting violence… far and wide to burn buildings, loot stores, destroy cars and attack law enforcement officers.”[i]

The president has subsequently vowed to label Antifa a terrorist organization and to take action against them.

But how many understand just whose agenda is really behind the funding of American chaos?

Let me offer a hint.

Recall when former president Barack Obama in his final official speech as president said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protesters taking to the streets in communities around the country and on college campuses where fascist vandalism, violence, riots, and fires were being set to protest Trump’s first attempt at an immigration ban. The former “president” signaled the first of several clear messages to his army of thirty-thousand-plus agitators. Obama’s two-term scheme (January 20, 2009–January 20, 2017) to engineer America away from its Christian and traditional moorings was not over, and no Republican successor was going to change that.

Since then, a lot has happened, and very quickly.

Obama immediately moved across town and set up bunkers just two miles from the White House, where he and his Organizing for Action (OFA) associates and their 250 offices nationwide commenced efforts to effectively function as what some in the Capital beltway have already called a “shadow government” third-term pseudo-presidency. There, “legacies” from Obama era “accomplishments” are crafted (often against established facts) and spoon-fed to media accomplices while unprecedented efforts to fight, dismiss, and sabotage Trump and his popular “America First” agenda are funded by a $40-million-dollar (and growing) war chest. Young liberal activists, like Manchurian candidates, have been activated to oppose the new administration at every turn—immigration reform, Obamacare replacement, border security, and more. They are also aided in that effort by the Obama Foundation, whose IRS-approved mission is supposed to be for funding and operating a library to house the former president’s official papers for posterity, much like other presidents have done.

But Obama is taking his foundation down “the same controversial—and, by some accounts, illegal—post-presidency path of his predecessor Bill Clinton,” according to documents reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.[ii] The foundation’s language that caught the eye of Caller’s investigators involves not just the building and maintaining of a library, but the diversion of funds for “activities reflecting President Obama’s values and priorities throughout his career in public service.”

In other words, the nonprofit foundation will serve whatever Obama needs to shadow obstruct, resist, and subvert the policies and directives of the Trump administration.

And make no mistake, Obama has made this personal. He himself is overseeing the blitzkrieg. The former president has swiftly returned to his early station as a radical Saul Alinsky-style agitation organizer.

Alinsky, the 1960s radical who wrote Rules for Radicals, and by whom Obama was guided, once said, “In the beginning, the organizers first job is to create the issues or problems. Creating the problems allows people to feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.”[iii] This is the playbook the Obama team is using today to create the appearance of “issues and problems” and a general sense of desperation among Millennials so that people will “feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless” that they turn to them for solutions.

According to Alinsky biographer Sanford Horwitt, Obama and his presidential campaign and polity were also significantly influenced by this kind of Alinsky-based radicalism that Obama chose to follow in his footsteps as a Chicago-based community organizer. For three years during the 1980s, “Obama worked for the Developing Communities Project, which was influenced by Alinsky’s work, and he [Obama] wrote an essay that was collected in a book memorializing Alinsky”[iv] (Of course, Alinsky dedicated his book to “Lucifer,” the original radical and inspiration for those who follow his example).[v]

This is why, at Organizing for Action, it is Obama himself who “is intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account,” writes Paul Sperry for the New York Post.

In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory [and is] overseeing it all from a shadow White House located within two miles of Trump. It features a mansion, which he’s fortifying with construction of a tall brick perimeter, and a nearby taxpayer-funded office with his own chief of staff and press secretary. Michelle Obama will also open an office there, along with the Obama Foundation.[vi]

Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor and close confidante of Obama, also moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million nerve-center mansion to assist Obama in organizing the mounting insurgency against Trump’s stated objectives regarding Reagan-like economic policies, government deregulation, and middle-class jobs programs. According to Washington insiders, Obama’s goal in this is straightforward—to fuel the “resistance” that will force Trump’s resignation or see him impeached. Investigative reporter Matthew Vadum said it this way:

Former President Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his generously funded agitation outfit, Organizing for Action, to defend his monumentally destructive record of failure and violent polarization. It is a chilling reminder that the increasingly aggressive, in-your-face Left in this country is on the march.[vii]

Another $80 million, anti-Trump network funded by liberal billionaire George Soros is also part of the Trump-resistance agitations fomenters and is led by the former members of the now-defunct and notorious Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

The Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund is the sister organization of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a New York-based nonprofit “that receives the bulk of its funding from George Soros [and] announced at their spring gala Tuesday that they will be heading up the new $80 million anti-Trump network that will span 32 states and have 48 local partners,” CNN reported. [viii]

Together with other “Trump Derangement Syndrome” sufferers, Soros-funded Obama-era holdovers with axes to grind who are still part of the federal bureaucracy but whose allegiance remains with the forty-fourth president have as part of “the resistance” been selectively leaking classified government information (a federal crime that senior U.S. officials say is endangering American security operations and servicemen)[ix] in the hopes of either directly damaging Trump or, at a minimum, producing a false impression that the president either obstructed justice (by allegedly asking former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn), colluded with the Russians (the now debunked Russian collusion lie that turned out to actually involve not Trump but Obama and Hillary working behind the scenes with foreign actors), committed some other unspecified crime, or is simply too inept to run the country (and to be fair, while no evidence exists at this time to support the deceit, demagoguery, and mass hysteria aimed at denigrating Trump, his incessant tweeting and general inability to articulate has not helped alleviate the situation).

And then there are those who say the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

According to several leading analysts, an actual “coup” has been afoot for the last 3 years to overturn the 2016 election. “A soft coup is underway right here in the United States of America in an attempt to overturn November’s election result, and forcibly remove a duly elected president,” Sean Hannity of Fox News warned at the time.[x] Lou Dobbs, Ben Stein, Gary Bauer, members of the US House of Representatives such as Tom Tancredo, congressmen like Mike Kelly, and others have drawn the same conclusion.

Even ultra-liberal fake-news regurgitator Right Wing Watch of “People for the American Way,” who have attacked me personally on their website, and which was formed in 1980 to counter the Christian Right, Republican Party, and Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, quoted pastor E. W. Jackson, who argued on his radio program that a coup d’etat (a change of government illegally or by force) is being orchestrated.[xi]

“Folks, hold on to your seats, because I really believe that we are witnessing an attempted coup d’état in America. I’m serious about that,” Jackson said.

According to criminal attorney Robert Barnes, the shadow-man directly responsible for this deep state de facto coup is none other than Barack Obama. [xii]

A growing number of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, are aware of the huge extent of anti-Trump media bias (supported by the findings of Harvard Kennedy School academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, who found all ten of the major media outlets in America were negative in as many as 98 percent of their reports on Trump during the first one hundred days of his administration),[xiii] are already exhausted by the hysterical attacks on and typecasting of every breath Trump makes, and simply want their elected officials to actually govern (imagine that!). However, the extreme left, which controls the media megaphone and who owns a massive swath of establishment RINOs (“Republicans In Name Only”) and members of the Democratic party are firmly committed to nothing less than the engineering of a new socialist world order from the chaos and ashes of our formerly great Republic (which speaks to the occult roots and agenda playing out in the United States, which I deal with extensively in Shadowland).

Michael Laitman over at The Jerusalem Post said it very well:

Neoliberalism, which has destroyed Europe through immigration, and nearly destroyed the US by eliminating its middle class, has been the sole ruling agenda in the US for decades. It serves the interests of the small elite group of magnates who control the American economy, the media, and thereby the government, all the way up to the White House. They determine what is reported and what is not, who is defamed and who is glorified. By controlling the media, they have dominated public discourse, public opinion, and have avoided criticism. This is ingenious, but deadly to society.

Their best interest is not the best interest of the American people. They aspire for world domination…through proxies such as Obama and Clinton.

Every American need not only understand these facts, but something else, too. Daniel Webster, the great eighteenth-century orator, statesman, and constitutional lawyer said:

I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe. Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from…the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government.… I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.

With these words, Webster was speaking directly to the vice of this current coup. In other words, I am arguing that what we are witnessing isn’t just a calculated effort to bring down the non-establishment’s president. It’s a scheme against every citizen of free society that values the ability to govern itself. It’s a plot—and an ancient one at that—to disrupt momentum aimed at circumventing the entrenched cabal’s cross-party, perpetual rule from DC. An outsider named Trump came to Washington’s power center “to restore a traditional regime of citizenship, individualism, assimilation, territorial sovereignty, recognized borders, strong defense, deterrence abroad, and free-market capitalism,”[xiv] and he is not part of the Bohemian club. They will not tolerate that. They are committed to expelling him, and by extension, any effort from you—the grassroots—to liberate yourself, your family, and the nation’s future from the ruling class.

This is not a bold statement.

What you see happening in media and on the extreme left right now is more than just the activity of “sore losers.” This is the manifest incarnation of a Fourth Reich (the term “Third Reich” was coined by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck as the title of his 1923 book, Das Dritte Reich. It was used by the Nazis for propaganda purposes to legitimize their regime as a successor state to the retroactively renamed First Reich (the Holy Roman Empire, 962–1806) and the Second Reich (Imperial Germany, 1871–1918) whose purpose in sabotaging Trump as the duly elected president of the United States is an outright and hostile rejection of the choice voters made on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

“With the election over, the Democratic Party is now in the hands of the Barack Obama radical left,” David Horowitz recently wrote. He continued:

Abetted by a corrupt media, funded by the anti-American billionaire George Soros, egged on by Obama… and a collusive press, the left has launched vile and violent demonstrations in the streets, rancid witch-hunts in the halls of Congress posing as “confirmation hearings,” and treasonous intelligence leaks [through which] Obama and his cohorts have disregarded the Constitution and the law to spy on reporters they do not like, to use the IRS and other government agencies to take down their opponents and undermine the democratic system.[xv]

Presidential historian Doug Wead echoed Horowitz’s comments on the air with Lou Dobbs a while back, saying he is convinced that “operatives” of the deep state really are attempting a coup d’état of President Trump. [xvi]

But, as professor Wead also pointed out during that program, this shouldn’t come as any real surprise, because America’s intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the State Department, and the media have a long history of overthrowing duly elected democratic foreign governments.

So the next report you see on protests of George Floyd’s death where stores are being burned down, police attacked, and Donald Trump blamed, just be aware who the real enemies of the nation are behind the Antifa agitators turning otherwise peaceful demonstrations into riots. Their goal is ancient ordo ab chao (order out of chaos), an occult prophetic plan to introduce dictatorial global government under leadership of their political savior, the Antichrist (also appropriately known as “the man of lawlessness”) reflected in the very spirit of chaos and lawlessness you see fanning across America and the world today.

















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