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Like Antichrist Soon Will, Hitler Had A “Final Solution”

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.–George Santayana

It is quite remarkable how little those of us who were stationed in Germany during the Nazi time, journalists and diplomats, really knew of what was going on behind the facade of the Third Reich. A totalitarian dictatorship, by its very nature, works in great secrecy and knows how to preserve that secrecy from the prying eyes of outsiders….

Adolf Hitler is probably the last of the great adventurer-conquerors in the tradition of Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon, and the Third Reich the last of the empires which set out on the path taken earlier by France, Rome and Macedonia. The curtain was rung down on that phase of history, at least, by the sudden invention of the hydrogen bomb, of the ballistic missile and of rockets that can be aimed to hit the moon.

In our new age of terrifying, lethal gadgets, which supplanted so swiftly the old one, the great aggressive war, if it should come, will be launched by suicidal little madmen pressing an electronic button. Such a war will not last long and none will ever follow it. There will be no conquerors and no conquests, but only the charred bones of the dead on an uninhabited planet.William L. Shier, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich[i]

As we prepare this week to release Antichrist and the Final Solution together with a four-week special televised investigation of current events in light of end times prophecy, fears and anxieties abound. There is an effervescing tumult that sends shivers of foreboding throughout this quaking sphere. Something of a profound sort is building that not even the greatest minds of the geopolitical, socioeconomic, and scientific/medical worlds can explain or cause to go away.

Leadership inadequacies in dealing with trepidation amongst populations around the globe incubate and expand fear. Failure to grasp the nature of all that is going on is at the heart of the world’s most terrifying dilemmas.

The source of the sense of impending doom is not the realms of the physical, societal, economic, or medical, but is of a dimension far more virulent. The present fear is spawned by actions inflicted upon humanity by dark wickedness that has been prevalent throughout the history of man.

This volume will look into the malevolent forces that strive against humanity with deadly winds that threaten to destroy not just the life, but the soul, of every man, woman, and child on the planet.

In a global onslaught, earthly victims of the dark forces were struck in January of 2020 with shocking surprise by unseen, totally unanticipated evil. The assault came in the form of an enemy of microscopic size. An entity infinitesimally tiny invaded stealthily and swiftly. It destroyed within a matter of weeks the booming economy of the most powerful nation ever to exist upon the planet.

Regardless of arguments over whether the coronavirus was a biological accident in a Chinese laboratory or was deliberately created and then unleashed on America and other nations of the world, its use by the dark powers and principalities in high places, we contend, is incontrovertibly clear. That otherworldly force hasn’t ceased its incessant assault against mankind since the beginning of human history. Rather, it has throughout the ages stepped up efforts to infect and corrupt all within the human condition.

The evil that continues to permeate the human sphere has used the most susceptible to corruption among us in accomplishing the intended devastation. This methodology hasn’t abated, but has grown and even now is burgeoning in its infectious contagion.

We have only to look back into history to understand that dark-dimensional activity is a longstanding evil within the bloodstream of humankind. Saddam Hussein, for example, is viewed as one of history’s most hated, evil despots. Some of the things he and his Iraqi regime perpetrated are legendary in the annals of atrocities inflicted on victims of dictatorship.

He was infamous for killing enemies within his own regime and delivering to the doorsteps of their homes bags full of their family members’ body parts. He and his sons were notorious for the rape rooms, wood chippers, and other instrumentalities of torture. And he was one of the most noted dictators because he gassed mass numbers of his own people with deadly nerve agents.

However, Saddam Hussein was a piker when it came to the evilest among our numbers, when compared to despots of the past. On websites with material attempting to categorize the worst of history’s dictators, one name that comes up as a prominent candidate for the number-one, most-evil person in all history is the thirteenth-century Mongol leader, Genghis Khan.

One historian writes:

When most people are asked to name the most brutal and murderous leaders in history, they will first mention the names of recent dictators like Hitler and Stalin. Going back further, many people will talk about the Norse raids, the British Empire, Attila the Hun, and so many of the most vicious Roman Emperors. However, going back before any of them came to power, Genghis Khan and the Mongols permanently reshaped an enormous portion of the world, and changed the culture and genetic makeup of the region forever. The khan was a master strategist and his brutal warriors left a path of destruction in their wake.…

There are many stories about the legendary brutality of Genghis Khan and his murderous exploits. Most of them tell a similar story of the khan asking enemies to surrender, and then completely annihilating them and their families and friends if they refused. The khan was proud of his murderous rampages and felt that the terror they inspired should be helpful in causing more enemies to join his side without him losing any men. While these campaigns of terror were business as usual for the khan, many people didn’t realize that if you made him feel personally insulted, he could be even more brutal and punishing than you could imagine.[ii]



Not wishing to get into the graphic details of the malicious atrocities inflicted by this vicious marauder, suffice it to say that the absolute inhumanity to Genghis Khan’s victims, as catalogued by the writer of the above and other historians, defies understanding, in consideration of the evil man has inflicted on other of his kind throughout the ages.

We could present here hundreds of accounts of the beastly actions of tyrants and dictators throughout history to prove the “wickedness in high places”[iii] that influence and even overtly control the sin-perverted minds of mankind. But there is no greater example of this influence and control than the man with whom we are all too familiar.

This man’s name is still front and center in our headlines today, with political adversaries often using it to liken those they’re running against as having his characteristics. In this way, they assign the worst possible evil attributes to opponents in order to get votes for themselves.

This man so hated still is featured on television documentaries more than any other person or topic for audiences to explore and examine. His name is even implicit within the title of the book you’re reading.

This most reviled name in history—and rightfully so—is, of course, Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the infamous Third Reich.

Power to Persuade

You can see it in the stark black-and-white films. The German masses moved and swayed rhythmically, their intensely gazing, tear-glistened eyes transfixed upon him as they adored their Führer. Their savior had arrived.

He started slowly, slow to choose his words. He began with almost imperceptible gesticulations of his right hand, which at first was cupped over his left. The words then began to roll from his tongue in escalating volume, the right hand raising with the pointed index finger lifted skyward.

His eyes seemed to project a sort of glowering inner presence. The facial expression transformed from calm demeanor to a contorted frown that presaged an explosion of sound and fury as the full rage of his growling voice blasted powerfully in a rant that electrified the mass of humanity before him.

More and more, as the great, expansive rally hordes gathered following 1936, the rage was directed toward the Jews. But it began building years before in the dark crevices of Adolf Hitler’s demented soul.

Hitler became Germany’s chancellor in January 1933. Soon thereafter, he brought policies into being that were aimed at isolating German Jews. The policies inflicted persecution on those of the House of Israel. The Nazi Party, which espoused extreme German nationalism and anti-Semitism, perpetrated boycotts against all Jewish businesses. Also, all Jews were commanded to be dismissed from occupying any and all civil posts.

All “non-German” authors’ books and writings were ordered to be burned. This was carried out in May 1933 at the Berlin Opera House in a special communal ceremony. German businesses, within two years, were announcing that Jews would no longer be allowed to interact in buying and selling.

In September of 1935, the Nuremberg Laws decreed that Jews were not citizens of Germany. Only Aryans could, from that point forward, have full German citizenship. The laws declared it illegal for Aryans and Jews to marry or have extramarital intercourse. While the persecution against the Jews of Germany were becoming increasingly repressive, harassment didn’t become dangerously violent through most of 1938.

On the night of November 9 of that year, everything for the Jews changed.

The excuse for the violence sprang from the act of a Jewish teenage boy whose parents the Nazis had exiled to Poland from Hanover, Germany, the town of the boy’s birth. Herschel Grynszpan, a seventeen-year-old, ethnically Polish Jew who had been living in France for several years, angered by the treatment of his parents, on November 7, 1938, shot Ernst von Rath, a German diplomat in Paris. Rath died two days later.

Adolf Hitler attended Rath’s funeral, and Josef Goebbels, the Nazi minister for public enlightenment and propaganda, used the incident to gin up hatred for all Jews within the Third Reich. On the night of November 9, 1938, rage against the Jews resulted in Jewish businesses, synagogues, and homes being destroyed or greatly damaged. Jewish cemeteries, schools, and hospitals were torched by the frenzy of hate, and more than one hundred Jewish people were killed.

The shattered glass that was everywhere on the streets from the vicious attacks inspired the infamous term Kristallnacht (“Crystal Night” or “Night of Broken Glass”). From this point forward, anti-Semitism became the norm in Germany. Goebbels’ devilish plan worked, even on the minds of formerly non-anti-Semites. The “Final Solution” that had festered in Hitler’s evil thought process had reached its moment of birth.

Following the attacks of the night of November 9 through the next day, the Jewish community was held responsible for a collective fine the equivalent of $4 million in today’s money. In addition, more than thirty thousand Jewish men were arrested and sent to the Dachau, Buchenwald, and Sachsenhausen concentration camps in Germany. These camps were specifically constructed to hold Jews, political prisoners, and other perceived enemies of the Nazi state.

Following Kristallnacht, the Nazi regime became ever more beastly toward the Jews. By the end of 1938, Jews were forbidden to attend schools and were often severely beaten if found anywhere in public places in Germany. Things got exponentially worse from that point.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime ordered the Final Solution to be put into action during World War II. They proclaimed this was the answer to the “Jewish problem.” They began carrying out the systematic murder of as many as six million European Jews. As well, it is estimated the Nazis murdered as many as four million to six million non-Jews. The genocide, of course, became known as the Holocaust.

As for the teenager, Herschel Grynszpan, whom Goebbels used in the shooting of a German diplomat as pretext for the genesis of what would become the Final Solution, his fate is yet unknown. He was said by some to have been in a Paris prison before being transferred to Germany. He is believed to have then been executed by the Nazis, according to some accounts. However, other sources say he survived, was married, and raised a family under a different name. This is, obviously, highly unlikely.

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