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Recently Pat Robertson Had Tom Horn On CBN To Discuss His WORMWOOD Vision. Now Pat Says God Told Him Trump Will Win, Followed Later [In 2029 As Tom Saw?] By An Asteroid Hitting Earth

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Pat Robertson said on Tuesday that God told him President Trump will win, and more than five years later an asteroid will hit Earth and “maybe” bring “the end.” “First of all, I want to say without question, Trump is going to win the election,’’ Robertson, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network told “The 700 Club.” The 90-year-old forecasted disaster for the country and the world after the election, including civil unrest, at least two attempts on Trump’s life and a war against Israel that will be “put down by God.” Then, the world will see “at least five years or more of extraordinary peace” before the asteroid… (READ MORE)

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