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INSIDE THE TROJAN HORSE: The Nightmare That America Will Become If Kamala Harris… Er, We Mean, Joe Biden Is Elected Tuesday

Americans are facing an imminent presidential election more crucial to their freedom and wellbeing than perhaps any election in their nation’s history – and yet which has become a total charade, a farce, a massive pretense. Biden is simply a smiling and soon-to-be-discarded Trojan horse, inside which impatiently wait the radicals, socialists and Marxist revolutionaries who plan to burst out and rule America should the Biden ticket prevail. Bottom line, explains Kupelian: “Today’s Democratic Party has become possessed by the dark revolutionary spirit of Marxism, which in reality is based on hatred and rebellion against God, against His commandments, against His morality, against the very idea of objective truth. Marxists want their own truth, their own laws, their own morality, their own biology, their own science, their own heaven … on earth. They want nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian values that have long served as the moral foundation of America – which they openly hate. “And yet, these are the very people who believe they’re much more intelligent and moral than you, and who, in just a few weeks, fully intend to take over America forever.” Forever? (READ MORE)

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