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SHADOWLAND’S Chinese Connection: From The Clintons… To Biden, Inc. How America Has Been “For Sale To The Highest Bidder”

In “The French Connection,” the iconic 1971 film starring Gene Hackman as the grisly New York City detective Popeye Doyle, the bad guy is a wealthy Frenchman operating the world’s largest heroin-smuggling syndicate. In what could be its sequel, the Chinese government has been operating the world’s largest influence-peddling syndicate for decades. The drug of choice is no longer heroin but money – and lots of it. Starting in the mid-1990s with the Clintons, it has grown in both size and audacity and now seems to have ensnared the Biden family, as well. There is a straight line from China’s meddling in the 1996 presidential election directly to Biden, Inc. and their present-day “Chinese Connection.” (READ MORE)

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