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Astronomers Continue To Observe Asteroid Apophis For Close Pass In 2029—Is It, As Dr. Thomas Horn Alleges, Biblical Wormwood?

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Astronomers are keeping close observation on an asteroid that has been named “Apophis’ which is derived from the Greek name for the Egyptian mythological figure meaning “the Lord of Chaos”. Astronomers… are [now admitting] that under certain circumstances, the sun can heat an asteroid unevenly, causing it to radiate away heat energy asymmetrically which according to them, could result in a push in a certain direction — this is an effect called “Yarkovsky acceleration’, which can change the path of an asteroid through space. Astronomers have reportedly not measured this solar push on Apophis before, and haven’t taken it into consideration when calculating the threat the asteroid poses to us in 2068. According to the report, Those previous calculations revealed a impact probability around 1 in 150,000. Interestingly enough, one end-times expert named Tom Horn believes this asteroid will be the one that will bring about the fulfillment of Revelation 8 that foretells of “Wormwood” striking the earth and causing plagues and darkness. Horn believes these Scriptures are referring to Apophis. In a podcast with Charisma Magazine published back in February of this year, Horn stated… (READ MORE)

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