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This Surreal Colorado City Is A Magnet For Spiritualists And UFOs

THERE IS ONLY ONE ROAD IN AND OUT OF CRESTONE, COLORADO. The pavement stops on mountain slopes at 8,000 feet, with Himalayan-like fourteeners looming above the town’s seven square blocks. In the other direction, the road unfurls into the high desert of the San Luis Valley, an 8,000-square-mile break between the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountain ranges.  The largest alpine valley on Earth, it can seem like a strange geologic void — like a vortex. Many claim it is. Crestone—and the greater San Luis Valley—has been viewed as sacred for thousands of years. Today, it’s the “New Age Religious Capital of the World,” with more spiritual centers per square foot than any other place on the continent… (READ MORE)

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