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The Great Reset: How Globalist Overlords Hope To Use Arrival Of “THE MESSENGER”

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “the world is facing a massive onslaught against individual liberty and private property.” “[A] new kind of collectivism is about to emerge,” warns economist Antony Mueller in the Mises Wire. “Like the communism of the past, the new project appeals to the public with the assurance of technological advancement and social inclusion … ecological sustainability and the promise of longevity or even immortality.” “In reality, however,” cautions Mueller, “these promises are deeply dystopian.” Presidential candidate Joe Biden adopted the slogan “Build Back Better,” a motto of Klaus Schwab, the utopian pied piper who is founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum (part of “the United Nations network”) that brings together globalist thinkers and multinational corporate heads in Davos, Switzerland. Schwab foresees COVID-19 hastening a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in which Americans will be “propertyless but happy” in a world where giant corporations and global government have seamlessly merged… (READ MORE)

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