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Trouble With SkyWatchTV’s Roku App?

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About a month ago, we started hearing from viewers that our Roku app had stopped working. Clicking the icon onscreen only brought up an error message that the channel was no longer available.

We tried to replicate the problem without success. Our app worked fine on four separate Roku devices—two Roku sticks, a Roku TV, and an older Roku box.

Well, now we know what our viewers saw.

Roku 2

Last week, the Roku 2 in my office returned the error some of our viewers have been seeing for a month. Reloading the channel, updating the system, and even resetting the Roku didn’t bring the channel back online.

We’ve finally diagnosed the problem: Old age.

The Roku 2 was introduced in 2015. While it still handles most channels just fine, Roku stopped updating the code on its Roku 2 models in 2020. Some of the newer apps on Roku are leaving the older devices behind—and the SkyWatchTV app is one of those.

In other words, if you’re having trouble using the SkyWatchTV app on Roku, the only way to fix the problem is to upgrade to a newer Roku.

The good news is that basic Roku models start at about $30. If you shop wisely, you might find one for even less. An upgrade will bring you all of SkyWatchTV’s video content for years to come.

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