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THE MESSENGER IS COMING… And L.A. Begins Issuing Digital Vaccine Verification

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Los Angeles is launching a digital iPhone receipt for COVID-19 vaccinations, which could one day become a ‘vaccine passport’ that would be required for such activities as airline travel and live concerts. The plan being rolled out this week will see Los Angeles County partner with tech firm Healthvana to issue the digital verifications, which can be put in an Apple Wallet or the Android equivalent, Bloomberg reported. The project is initially aimed at ensuring that people who get the first shot of the approved Pfizer or Moderna vaccines also get the required booster shot, including through follow-up notifications. But the digital receipt could also be used ‘to prove to airlines, to prove to schools, to prove to whoever needs it,’ that a person has been vaccinated, Healthvana CEO Ramin Bastani told Bloomberg. But critics fear it marks the emergence of a vaccine surveillance state, where digital ‘passports’ are required for everything from flying on a plane to going to the movies… (READ MORE)

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