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Time To Fulfill Vision Outlined In Dr. Thomas Horn’s THIRD TEMPLE Book, Says Israeli Lawmaker

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Yet another Member of Knesset has expressed his desire not only for Jews to be able to freely visit and express their faith atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, but for the Third Temple to be build “in our days.” As one of his first official acts after being sworn in, Vaturi headed for the Temple Mount. A religious Jewish resident of the Golan Heights, it was Vaturi’s first ever visit to Judaism’s holiest site. While there, he told an organization that advocates for building the Third Temple that “anyone who represents Israel cannot be disconnected from the Creator. We are all anticipating the Redemption.” Vaturi then openly recited the traditional Jewish prayer stating, “May we merit redeeming this place for the Shechina (holy presence) to dwell, and to build the Holy Temple quickly and in our days.” (READ MORE)

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