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THE MESSENGER IS COMING… And Emmanuel Macron’s Revived Roman Empire 10-Nation EU Army Plans Get A Major Boost

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PLANS for a European army have been given a major boost after polling across the bloc found several EU states are in favour of a European-level defence force. An EU army has long been contemplated in the bloc with French President Emmanuel Macron, being a key supporter of any plan. In a boost to the EU’s plans, two-thirds of those surveyed in a poll from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) think-tank, were supportive of a European-level defence force. In the poll which surveyed 15,000 people, the most supportive of a defence force within the EU were found to be Portugal (72 percent), Sweden (71 percent), Spain (71 percent), France (70 percent) and Poland (69 percent). When asked on their opinion on the EU’s security partnership with the US, just 10 percent viewed the US as a viable partner. In contrast, of the 10 nations asked, 67 percent across all countries believe their own country could not rely on the US. Even in the UK, 74 percent of those asked issued their support for a EU-level defence force… (READ MORE)

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