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The Bones Of Jesus’ Disciple Might Not Be His

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For 1,500 years pilgrims have been visiting Rome’s Basilica dei Santi XII Apostoli to venerate the remains of two of Christianity’s most important saints: the Apostles Philip and James the Younger. In 2016, after lying unmoved for 150 years, the Vatican granted the Franciscan friars who manage the church permission to open the case that holds their remains. Inside the reliquary the Franciscans discovered pieces of the foot of St. Philip and the femur of St. James. Initial forensic analysis sent a ripple of excitement throughout the Church: the remains appeared to show evidence of the manner of the saints’ executions. These new observations suggested that the relics were authentic; a small fragment of St. Philip even made its way to the United States. But now, barely five years later, subsequent testing reveals that the excitement was premature… (READ MORE)

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