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Smartphone Generation Being ‘Raised On Hardcore Porn,’ Church Faces ‘Tsunami’

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Due to the ubiquity of smartphones, the up-and-coming generation has been “raised on hardcore porn to a level that’s never been seen before,” and there will be a massive “reckoning” within the Church if the Body of Christ fails to address this issue, the head of an addiction recovery program has warned.  The father-of-four also encouraged parents to have the “porn and sex talk” with their children at earlier ages, warning that the “world will fill in the blanks if we don’t.” “It’s important for parents to show the relevance of the Scriptures and use God’s Word to frame the topic of sex,” he explained. “Jesus wants us to have an abundant life. The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy, and that’s what we are seeing with the negative consequences of going outside of God’s boundaries.” Parents and church leaders, Shimer added, must understand the “brutal reality of pornography and how it impacts a person’s brain and impacts their relationships, their marriages, their spiritual life.” “But there is a pathway to freedom, and addressing this issue in the Church is an opportunity for revival,” he added… (READ MORE)

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