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Egyptian Parade Of Pharaohs, The Most Expensive (500 Million Dollar) Occult Ritual In History Preparing Way For Anti-Christ

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Steve Quayle: “For more than three millennia, the mystery schools of Egypt have been providing secret and arcane knowledge which originated from the Fallen Angels, both before Noah’s flood, and after Noah’s flood. All secret societies in the world owe their origins to legendary times and places such as the lost continent of Atlantis. With the abandonment of the Christian faith in practice and defense of the gospel, the old gods; the Fallen Angels and their offspring, are returning to the world stage. One of the most unusual events in world history just took place this week in Egypt as an enormous ceremony celebrated the movement of 24 mummies from Cairo’s main museum, along with all the pomp and splendor associated with the ancient pharaohs of Egypt… (READ MORE)

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