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Record Number Of Unknown Asteroids Seen Whizzing Past Earth In 2020, Even More OMENS OF “THE MESSENGER” Coming In 2021

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Astronomers detected thousands of previously unknown near-Earth asteroids last year. And this record may be broken this year AGAIN… Two weeks ago, a 340-metre-wide space rock named Apophis whizzed safely past Earth. The next time it returns, in 2029, won’t be so uneventful: Apophis will come within 40,000 kilometres of the planet, according to Nasa, skimming just above the region where some high-flying satellites orbit. It will be the first time that astronomers will be able to watch such a big asteroid pass so close to us [OR will it, as Dr. Thomas Horn asserts, impact earth in fulfillment of The Wormwood Prophecy of Revelation chapter 8?]. Last week’s fly-by gave scientists a chance to test the worldwide planetary defence system, in which astronomers quickly assess the chances of an asteroid hitting Earth as they follow its path across the night sky. “It’s a fire drill with a real asteroid,” says Vishnu Reddy, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson who coordinated the observing campaign… (READ MORE)

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