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As Predicted By Dr. Thomas Horn In THE MILIEU—United States, France, And Other Countries Join Genetic Arms Race To Prepare For End-Times War With The Red Dragon’s ‘Super Soldiers’

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A U.S. Army video shows its concept of the soldier of the future. At first glance, it looks like it will only be a better-equipped soldier. But the video mentions “neural enhancement”… an advanced implant that would essentially put the human brain “online.” There could also be eye and ear implants and other circuitry under the skin to make the optimal fighting machine… The former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has warned that China is already developing biologically enhanced “super soldiers,” using “unethical” medical experiments. China expert Gordon Chang says, “This is a big effort on the part of the Chinese government, and it is really horrifying.” Chang says it’s part of a Chinese government plan to create a “master race”, through genetic editing, “which is far more intelligent than the rest of humanity. And with super soldiers, they’d be stronger, less susceptible to pain, just better soldiers. This is eugenics. This is creepy… (READ MORE)

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