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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Bloomberg News Thinks Vaccine Incentives Aren’t Enough And It May Be Time To Cause All, Both Small And Great To Receive Compulsory Shots With Prison Time For Those Who Do Not Readily Comply

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It’s uncomfortable to argue for obligatory jabs, even in a pandemic that has devastated families globally. Yet if we don’t get to better levels once vaccines are fully and freely available, some degree of compulsion may well be necessary. The benefit is too great, and the risk and sacrifice asked of citizens too small, to ignore. Unfortunately, encouragement isn’t likely to get us all the way to herd immunity, or not in enough places. So what happens then? Leaving aside employers, where arguments are different, is it acceptable for a government to consider disincentives, mandating vaccines for activities like eating out or even going to school, as already happens for childhood shots in many places? Vaccines are the greatest gift to public health after clean water. Should we consider an even tougher line? Full compulsion — which implies fines or even prison… (READ MORE)

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