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THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION—PART 16: Portals, Occult Magic, and the Collins Elite

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Over a decade ago, following the release of the book Nephilim Stargates and the Return of the Watchers, I did a series of televised shows with J. R. Church and Gary Stearman for their Prophecy in the News broadcast, in which we discussed the idea of supernatural “portals, doorways, and openings.” The concept is actually an ancient one—that gateways between our world and other dimensions exist or can be created through which those entities described above can pass. At one point, the programs with Church and Stearman focused on a theory I had briefly raised in Nephilim Stargates involving infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, Jet Propulsion Laboratory founder Jack Parsons, and Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. A portion of that original material reads:

As is referenced in chapter 2, in 1918 famed occultist Aleister Crowley attempted to create a dimensional vortex that would bridge the gap between the world of the seen and the unseen. The ritual was called the Amalantrah Working and according to Crowley became successful when a presence manifested itself through the rift. He called the being “Lam” and drew a portrait of it. The startling image, detailed almost ninety years ago, bears powerful similarity with “Alien Greys” of later pop culture.

Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons attempted to do this very thing by inviting the spirit of Babylon [their magical working was called Babalon] through a portal during a sex ritual. Their hope was to incarnate the whore of Babylon—a demon child or Gibborim. Parsons wrote that the ritual was successful and that at one point a brownish/yellow light came through the doorway. At the same moment he said he was struck by something invisible, and a candle was knocked out of his hand.

It is interesting that following Crowley’s magic portal (which produced the alien-looking LAM) and Hubbard and Parson’s Babalon Working ritual, Crowley died in 1947—the same year as the Roswell crash and the same year Kenneth Arnold [a friend of Parsons] saw his flying saucers and sightings of “aliens” increased around the world. Was a portal indeed opened by these men’s invitations?[i]

R. Church was very interested in the idea that men heavily involved in the occult with a strange UFO-alien twist and covertly connected with segments of this government’s aerospace endeavors might actually have opened a portal allowing the increase into our world of powerful demonic influences.

Interview with Nick Redfern[ii]

Several years after Nephilim Stargates was published and the Prophecy in the News shows aired, a book by Nick Redfern titled Final Events was released that repeated the basic outline of my work, but this time around reportedly had the backing of a secret government group commissioned to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon. The group ultimately concluded that the mysterious manifestations are demonic and directly connected to Parsons and company and their Babalon Workings. According to Redfern, they are called the “Collins Elite.”



Initially skeptical of the Final Events outline and sensing somebody somewhere had simply repeated to Redfern what I had said and extrapolated it into a full-blown fabrication, I decided to talk to him on the phone and then conduct a follow-up Q & A over email. Below is a portion of the email exchange in which Redfern describes how he became aware of and eventually met with the Collins Elite:

HORN: Nick, tell me how you became aware of the Collins Elite.

REDFERN: In 2007, I had a lengthy conversation with an Anglican priest named Ray Boeche, who is also a former state-director for the Mutual UFO Network. Back in 1991, Ray met—in a Lincoln, Nebraska hotel—with two Department of Defense scientists who were working for a classified Pentagon project to try and contact what were termed Non-Human Entities, or, NHEs. The NHEs being the intelligences behind the UFO phenomenon. The idea was to try and understand, and duplicate, their technology: to make weapons out of it, in other words. However, the more the group looked into it all, the more they came to believe the NHEs were not extraterrestrial in origin, but were using that image as a cover. Their real origin, the group finally believed, was literally demonic. Ray related this and much more to me, which collectively demonstrated that there was a group—or probably groups—within the US Government that believed the UFO phenomenon is real, but is of a negative, spiritual nature. One of those groups called itself the Collins Elite, and that’s the one I had contact with.

HORN: Under what circumstances did you first meet with them?

REDFERN: This chiefly came by following all the data that Ray Boeche gave me, including some that Ray preferred I left out of my book on the subject, titled Final Events. And I did indeed leave out of the book that data Ray asked me not to include. The collective data—names, dates, places etc.—let me chase things down further. And I openly phoned a number of places linked to the story—government and military facilities—and laid my cards on the table and told them what I was looking for: a group in the government that concluded UFOs have demonic origins. I often find that taking a very forthright and very alternative approach like this can open doors. Sometimes, letting people know you’re looking is actually a good thing and makes them wonder why, and it can lead to positive developments. Not always, but sometimes it works. And in this case it did. That led me to a handful of people from the Collins Elite. They initiated all—literally all—of the contact I had with them, by phone and in person, but which is not ongoing now. Meetings occurred chiefly at diners, restaurants, and in hotels of their choosing.

HORN: What was the conclusion of the CE in relation to the UFO phenomenon?

REDFERN: Their belief is that the UFO phenomenon is 100 percent real, but that its origin is satanic. As they see it, the “aliens are visiting us” angle is a camouflage to allow Satan—if he really exists, of course—to get his grips into us. They believe that the presence of the UFO phenomenon, right now, and since 1947, is the commencement of an “end times” scenario, where the “E.T. landing” angle may be played out to con the world into believing the “Grays” are friendly extraterrestrials. The CE believes that belief and prayer, rather than weapons, can hold off this infiltration and invasion.

HORN: How do Jack Parsons, Aliester Crowley, and gang tie in?

REDFERN: In its very earliest years—the late 1940s to the early 1950s—the CE focused a great deal of its attention on Crowley and Parsons, their connections, Parsons’ interest in UFOs and rocketry, and Crowley’s manifestation of the grey-alien-like “Lam” during the Amalantrah Working of 1918. It was, chiefly, these two men—and their actions—that laid the foundation for the “how and why” of the CE’s beliefs concerning the theory that the UFO phenomenon is demonic, deceptive, manipulative and deadly. From there, the CE began looking at the early Contactees and George Adamksi’s Crowley connection, and George Hunt Williamson’s use of Ouija boards to contact alleged alien entities. This is how their beliefs began to be constructed, by putting all these threads together and trying to make some collective sense of it all.

HORN: Did the CE provide you with any documentation?

REDFERN: I was given access to some documents. Some of them are in the book, others I have never revealed, for various reasons, mostly based on requests not to from the CE. One lengthy document came to me via the group, and was one of their own reports, which further bolstered their beliefs that the UFO phenomenon is a satanic deception. They also provided me with other documents…that have surfaced via the Freedom of Information Act [and] which they had on file as it was all relative to their research, such as the FBI’s and Air Force’ files on Jack Parsons, and official documentation on remote-viewing. The CE-created documentation is not covered by FOIA provisions because the CE is technically not an agency or group of government. Its members are government employees, but their work for the CE is done in a private capacity. So, while they have definitely received government funding and support, their research is technically not “government work,” and therefore, their self-created documents are not subject to government secrecy laws. However, the CE has deeply influenced powerful figures in government for decades, which makes the group’s work—and its position—extremely important in terms of what people in government, the military, and the intelligence community thinks about the demonic theory.

HORN: As far as you know, were members of the Collins Elite Roman Catholic or did they ever convey a Roman Catholic theological worldview?

REDFERN: Not as far as I know. But, I could be totally wrong, for the following reason: It’s important to note that the overwhelming majority of the data given to me was provided to me in the form of statements and disclosures. That’s to say, they shared what parts of the story, and their work, that they wanted to share. I was rarely given the opportunity to ask questions.

HORN: You mention Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Pacheco’s work Unmasking the Enemy in your book. Are you aware it promotes Mary as deity?

REDFERN: Yes, I am aware of that. I’ve read the book a couple of times. A lot of the conclusions are similar to those reached by the CE.

HORN: Is CE member “Richard Duke” willing to talk to me?

REDFERN: I have no idea. The meetings I had, which covered 2007 to 2010, were always at the control of the people I spoke with. I was never, ever, able to initiate a contact, aside from when I put out those initial feelers. After that, it was always a case of them pulling the strings and advising me “when” and “where” information. So, all I can say is this: given that [you are] covering very similar territory and research to that contained in my Final Events book it would not surprise me if an approach is one day made or an exchange of data occurs. But, I’m not able to influence that.

HORN: Can we see the photocopies of “The Collins Report”?

REDFERN: Maybe one day, and the other documents too. This is a bit of a grey area, as the report was prepared by the CE and for CE members and for interested parties in the government, military, and intelligence community. But, because the CE is not technically an agency or arm of government, the report itself falls—copyright-wise—under the ownership of the man who wrote it. I was allowed to reproduce a couple of pages of its text in my Final Events book—chiefly as it relates to the demonic theory for Roswell. But, because the document is the private work of an individual and intended for the membership of the CE and other interested people in government, it’s still his private work. In that sense, it’s as protected as any author’s book is. So, it’s not a document that can be obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, as it’s not a government document. Permission would have to come from the author. Just like in any normal situation where an author’s permission is sought to quote from their books, etc.

Following the phone and email exchanges with Redfern, I continued doubting much of his story but made fairly significant efforts to verify it while giving him the benefit of a doubt. I’ve also on several occasions repeated my willingness to meet with a member of the Collins group anywhere, anytime, and have been told a meeting between them and I could occur, though as of this date I am still waiting. Meanwhile, my sources in the United States—which extend from US military intelligence to national defense employees with both Department of Defense and intel top-secret security clearances—came back empty-handed. This included our friend Colonel Steve Bauer, who served longer as a US government military aide than anyone in the history of the White House under five US presidents—Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush. Bauer had never heard of the “Collins Elite” and couldn’t locate a single intelligence resource that otherwise would substantiate Redfern’s claims. But I knew, having said that, that this by itself didn’t prove the story as detailed in Final Events was untrue. Counterintelligence, Majestic 12-level compartmentalization, and official denial is a well-established part of the government’s past and present protocols when handling questions concerning UFOs and so-called alien abduction activity—a fact that every significant investigator into this phenomenon has run into when trying to separate fact from fiction. So, I moved on and checked with another international contact—former director of Britain’s Military of Defense’s department for UFO research, Nick Pope—and was surprised when he cautioned against disbelief and even confirmed the existence of a Collins Elite-like group among Britain’s aristocracy. Following this, I reached out to a Ball Aerospace contact who works with advanced systems and technologies for Space Control & Special Missions. He, too, cautioned against doubting the Collins reality and sent me a four-page document outlining the following main points, ending with an ominous warning. Below are just some of the talking points from his meticulous outline.

  • Security levels and Compartments
  • Start with the understanding that a Top Secret DOD (Department of Defense) or SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information; intelligence world) clearance is the first level of clearance required before one gets to SAP programs.
  • There are at least four levels of Top Secret (TS) special access programs (SAPs) that currently exist in the US DOD/Intel world:
    • Acknowledged top secret SAPs
      • (Security cleared) Congress (or staff) has access to full knowledge of program name, mission, budget, etc.
    • Unacknowledged top secret SAPs
      • Cleared Congress (or staff) has access to full knowledge
    • Unacknowledged/Waived top secret SAPs
      • Program, Budget, customer, and mission are all highly classified
      • Only two Senators and two Congressmen are made aware of the program, typically at a very high level only
      • Typically referred to as a “Black” program
    • Completely Unacknowledged top secret SAPs
      • No acknowledgement or overview to the Congress
      • Accountable only to the agency that authorizes mission and money ostensibly related to a Presidential Order
      • Really known as “Deep Black” in the vernacular.
      • This level is itself not acknowledged; can’t be acknowledged for obvious reasons
      • Two agencies in particular make great use of this: CIA and NSA
    • With more than 25 years in this world, I personally have experience with levels 1 through 3 only. Level 4 is outside my scope.
    • Most of the high level UFO work is done at level 4. It is not acknowledged and specifically not even known except to those briefed into the compartment/program. Only leaks aid in the process of discovery.
    • This is likely a strong reason why Nick Pope is reluctant to spell out unambiguously what by definition is meant to be concealed at an unacknowledged level.
    • Formation of the Collins Elite
  • A number of intelligence agencies looking at the UFO situation are drawn into the orbit of a larger picture held by the CIA.
    • Army Intel; Naval Intel; Air Force Intel; Defense Intel Agency (DIA), etc.
    • This seems consistent with how high level exchange takes place; they contribute to larger efforts out of their own agencies and budgets.
  • A subgroup of this CIA-dominated and controlled compartment, informally sees things differently and begins to form a counterpoint voice to the research. They call themselves after a time the “Collins Elite.”
    • This seems plausible based on the discussions and factions I have seen over the years. Independent thinking is valued. Like-minded experts gather around themselves.
  • Over time, the Collins Elite position becomes more refined, more emphatic, more concerned.
    • One notes that most of these guys are industry old timers, with an old Christian worldview, having been in this covert intel circle for 30–40 years.
  • The Collins Elite seems to be an internal but informal collection of guys who maintain their independence of thought about matters in this highly classified and clearly controversial realm.
  • Review
  • S. Intelligence agencies are trying to understand UFOs in early 1950s
  • Same intel agencies also trying to understand the occult sorcery of two key figures: Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons—and how it could be applied as a National Defense asset.
  • Deeply covert CIA-controlled intel group wants to pursue research on psychotronic weapons and remote viewing “technologies” and embarks on a deluding journey, a perverted scheme and Faustian bargaining.
  • After years and decades of incremental research in this arena, several deaths more recently occur to test subjects in these realms; things are going badly awry.
  • A sub-group watching all this, loosely confederated, calling itself the “Collins Elite” begins to recognize this as completely occult, demonic/Satanic, and begins to organize itself as a counterpoint to the general research direction.
  • The Collins Elite begins to see a much larger and terrifying picture of what this whole unleashed enterprise is leading to; the connection to fallen angels, the Nephilim, and a plan for taking over the world.
  • Conclusion
  • This unsettling story has every indication of being true; it follows directly from everything you and I know about UFOs and their ultimately nefarious mission tied to an end-time prophetic scenario
  • Unraveling this further is loaded with known and unknown complexities—and that includes dangers.[iii] (emphasis added)

Following the thorough examination from my friend at Ball Aerospace and subsequent inquiries through friends like LTC Robert Maginnis at the Pentagon, I remain as unconvinced as ever that the so-called Collins Elite is anything more than the fabric of an over-active imagination.

That said, I could be wrong, and we have been and are uncovering evidence that an authentic unnamed, enigmatic group is indeed active in US intelligence with knowledge of an alien-demon connection that we remain dedicated to uncovering, which we’ll pick up in the next entry.

UP NEXT: DNA Harvesting, Genetic Manipulation, and the Seed of the Serpent

[i] Thomas Horn, Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers (Crane, MO: Anomalos Publishing House, 2007), 94; first set of brackets in original; second set of brackets added by authors.

[ii] Nick Redfern (works full-time as an author and lecturer; is well-known in UFO circles as a hardworking investigative journalist) in discussion over personal email communication with the author, Thomas R. Horn, January–February 2013.

[iii] Talk notes of Gregory Richford (Ball Aerospace contact who works with advanced systems and technologies for Space Control and Special Missions), in documents provided over personal email communication with the author, Thomas R. Horn, during 2012.

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