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PART OF COMING GREAT DECEPTION? New Gene Editing Tool Repeats ALIEN-WATCHERS TECHNOLOGY, Can Make Millions Of “Human Biological Enhancements At Once, Include Bar Code For ‘Marking And Tracking’ Subjects”

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This month, a team led by the famed synthetic biologist Dr. George Church at Harvard University developed a powerful tool that can simultaneously edit millions of DNA sequences, with a “bar code” to keep track of changes. All without breaking a single delicate DNA strand. For now, these biological tools, called “Retron Library Recombineering (RLR),” have only been tested in bacterial cells. But as CRISPR’s journey to gene therapy shows, even the weirdest discoveries from lowly creatures may catapult our wildest gene therapy or synthetic biology dreams into reality. “This work helps establish a road map toward using RLR in other genetic systems, which opens up many exciting possibilities for future genetic research,” said Church… (READ MORE)

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