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SPEAKING OF THE COMING GREAT DELUSION… It Can Be Dangerous Playing With Skinwalkers, Shapeshifters, And Demons

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According to the owner and the lead investigator of Skinwalker Ranch, phenomena from the paranormal hotspot have followed researchers home. History’s The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch features ongoing investigations into one of the country’s most mysterious locales. The titular ranch [as readers of the current series on Great Deception here know] allegedly experiences paranormal activity regularly from UFOs and cattle mutilations to incarnate voices and poltergeists…and sometimes several at the same time. Strange occurrences on the ranch have been the focus of several scientific investigations, including from a secretive program housed in the Pentagon. What is not as well known is that some investigators claim the paranormal phenomena follow them home. Brandon Fugal, the elusive owner of Skinwalker Ranch, spoke with Den of Geek about how what happens at Skinwalker Ranch doesn’t always stay there… (READ MORE)

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