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AS PROPHESIED FOR THE END TIMES IN REVELATION 16:9? (“And Men Were Scorched With Great Heat, And Blasphemed The Name Of God, Which Hath Power Over These Plagues: And They Repented Not To Give Him Glory”) Extreme Heat Waves And Record Temperatures May Become Commonplace, Scientists Warn

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Portland, Ore., was forecast to hit record 114 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, shattering Sunday’s all-time temperature record of 112 degrees, which surpassed Saturday’s record of 107 degrees. Seattle also set a record on Sunday, reaching 104 degrees in a city where many people don’t have air conditioning, while the town of Lytton, British Columbia, reached 116 degrees. Described as a “once in a millennium” weather event, the heat dome that has gripped the Pacific Northwest is notable because such extreme temperatures are a rarity in the region. But they may not be so unusual in the years to come… (READ MORE)

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