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Microscopic Animal BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE After Being Buried In Siberian Permafrost For 24,000 YEARS! Breakthrough Offers Hope For Resurrecting Prehistoric BEASTS AND HUMANS (NEPHILIM), Scientists Say

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A strange water animal from the time of the mammoths has been brought back to life after being buried in Siberia’s permafrost for 24,000 years. Scientists say the tiny creature, dug out of the subsurface soil in a state of “suspended animation,” has even reproduced. Known as an Arctic rotifer, it measures less than a millimeter in length or 1/25th of an inch. Despite its microscopic size, it has a complex body that includes a gut and a brain. The breakthrough offers hope of resurrecting prehistoric beasts such as the woolly mammoth, the sabre-toothed cat, and even humans [NEPHILIM AS PROPHESIED IN SCRIPTURE FOR THE END TIMES?]… (READ MORE)

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