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DANCE OF NIBIRU? Mysterious, Giant ‘Blinking’ Object Has Been Detected Near Our Galaxy’s Center… And Astronomers Are Totally Confused

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It’s not always easy to tell what that stuff is, though. A giant planet? Space dust? Debris from a disrupted object? A cosmic dragon? The case of VVV-WIT-08 is a doozy. Although other stars have exhibited similar dips in light, none have been so deep. The culprit, astronomers think, could be another star or planet, surrounded by a thick, opaque disk of dust on a long orbit around VVV-WIT-08, that covers the star completely when it passes in front of our view. “It’s amazing that we just observed a dark, large and elongated object pass between us and the distant star and we can only speculate what its origin is,” said astronomer Sergey Koposov from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland… (READ MORE)

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