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Will Attacks On Israel Lead To Fulfillment Of Dr. Thomas Horn’s Book Regarding “The Top Secret Plan To Build The Third Temple”

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Under Donald Trump, Arab nations were lining up to normalize relations with Israel. At the same time, record numbers of Jews were ascending the Temple Mount, and for the first time, police were not intervening in Jewish prayer on the Mount. Maybe we should have expected this. These historic breakthroughs were bound to meet significant demonic resistance. However, in the past, when Israel’s enemies tried to take from Israel, God did the impossible. So as Arabs try to take Jewish rights to the Temple Mount, may God provide a reversal of fortune? And may this bring about prophesied end-times events that seem impossible today? Until recently, Jews have remained content to worship at the Western Wall, rarely ascending the Temple Mount. But over the past few years, this has changed. Record numbers of Jews have been ascending the Temple Mount. And more and more, the police seem content to let them pray – something that they would have immediately stopped not much more than a year ago. Discussions of a third temple have also become more common in Israel, while priests are training and preparing the vessels and animals required for temple service… (READ MORE)

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