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AFTER THE FOUNTAINS OF THE EARTH BROKE OPEN (SEE GEN. 7:11)—Archaeologists Baffled By Sudden Ancient Sea Level Rise On Israeli Coast From (THEY THINK) The Hellenistic Period

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The sea is a prankster, and closer study reveals shows local anomalies in its relative level – some of which beggar explanation. Now an international team of scientists headed by Assaf Yasur-Landau of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa, reports in PLOS One on indications of such an anomaly on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline: an upward creep between the Mid-Bronze Age to Iron Age and then a sharp rise in the Hellenistic period, apparently by about 2.5 meters (8 feet) in total, to the level we know today. That is some anomaly… (READ MORE)

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