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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Bringing Three End-Time Wars With It

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We are warned of three last-days wars to occur before our Lord’s Second Coming:

— First, a deadly and destructive border war between Israel and its immediate neighbors.

— Second, a broader regional war between Israel and its Islamic neighbors on all sides.

— Third, a worldwide war focused on the destruction of Israel, its land and capital city, Jerusalem.

The worldwide war will occur at the end of the Great Tribulation period. The prophet Daniel explains that at that time, the king of the south and the king of the north will show rebellion toward the Antichrist (Dan. 11:40). Based at that time in Israel (11:41-45), the Antichrist will move to reassert power over the king of the south and defeat powers in Egypt, then Libya and Ethiopia. Then, as the Antichrist prepares to move his forces toward the king of the north, he hears rumors of the Asian armies on the march toward Israel (Dan. 11:44-45). John the revelator explains that demons spirits will “go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty … to the place which in Hebrew is called Armageddon” (Rev. 16:14-16)… (READ MORE)

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