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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And, Right On Que, Evil Anti-Israel Sentiment Is Growing In The U.S. Halls Of Congress

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News this week of Democrats withdrawing the funding of the Iron Dome from the US budget in order to accommodate left wing extremists within the party is nothing other than a capitulation to terror in the halls of Congress. It represents another case of people claiming to support Palestinian Arabs doing something anti-Israel (and in this case also antisemitic), but in fact harming the wellbeing of the Palestinian Arabs on whose behalf they fraudulently claim to advocate. The fact is that Israel’s Iron Dome protects more Palestinian Arabs than their own terrorist leaders do. With the radical left wing of the Democratic Party trying to punish and discriminate against Israel by defunding the Iron Dome, they calculatedly put the lives of millions of Israelis of all backgrounds and millions of Palestinian Arabs at risk. Their hate for Israel has no limits… (READ MORE)

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