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Gen Z Is Developing Unexplained Tourettes-Like Tics After Going Online, And Doctors Are Concerned

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Alex Turnquist began noticing her tics at the end of her spring semester at Loyola University Chicago. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the then 20-year-old out of her dorm and back home with her parents. It was there, watching videos of herself recorded on Snapchat, that she saw her eyelid twitching uncontrollably in playbacks. Soon after, her head started shaking in a distinctive, jerky way. She told her psychiatrist, who wondered if antidepressants had brought on the tics. After a year of follow-up, which included briefly going off the medication to no avail, Turnquist was diagnosed with an abnormal tic disorder. She’s still not sure what caused it to appear when it did, but this March she posted to TikTok under the handle after seeing recent reports from the UK that seemed to describe what she was experiencing… (READ MORE)

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